Your Franchise Marketing Team

When you work with Franchise Marketing Group, you’ll have a full-service team dedicated to your account.

Account Executive

Helps create a tailored online marketing strategy for your franchise, checks on its proper implementation, communicates results and adjustments to you, and addresses any concerns or suggestions you have

Website Developer

Troubleshoots any website issues, redesigns your existing site, ensures responsiveness and mobile functionality, and more.

Content Writer

Creates timely content campaigns, including blog posts, optimized website content, and Press Releases

Account Strategist

Loves to analyze your account data to devise your initial strategy — then review results frequently to monitor and adjust our online marketing strategy on an ongoing basis

Account Coordinator

Implements the strategy and manages your local search presence

Paid Search Expert

Creates, tracks, and adjusts paid search campaigns to promote ROI

Social Media Specialist

Designs and launches social media and email marketing campaigns

We're different than other so-called "SEO experts."

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