Fast Start Program

New Franchise Results

Overseeing multiple franchise locations requires organization and hard work. Each franchisee is in a different location with different circumstances and deadlines. At Franchise Marketing Group, we understand that you want each location, no matter where, to succeed. We also understand that you are busy. That’s why we’ve developed an online marketing strategy called the fast start program. It is specifically designed to make adding franchise locations simple, and to bring online marketing with results to each of these locations.
fast start program

Fast Start Program – Organic Online Marketing

The concept of the program is simple: We create a strategic online marketing plan for each new franchise location. We optimize the separate websites and entire online presence for each new franchise location according to their situation. Our experts optimize each location in the major search engines, online directories, and social media platforms. This provides an organic platform to build a great online presence.

Fast Start – Paid Online Marketing

Organic growth in online marketing is generally a protracted process which can delay getting results immediately.  The fast start program is designed to overcome this slow start by initially adding a paid search component which helps generate results almost immediately.  Franchisees have made a big investment to start their business; our Fast Start Program helps provide immediate online marketing returns on that investment.

Get on the fast track.

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