Conversion Tracking

Online Marketing Conversion Tracking

We love driving results for our clients. Since our desire is to build your customer base and increase your revenue, we track our progress and your return on investment. Conversion tracking is our way of recording the return on investment for your specific franchises and our individualized marketing solutions. Using this system, we are able to see how many leads are generated and how many website visitors call the franchise.

analytics conceptConversion Tracking – Maximizing your Return on Investment

We measure our progress by using analytics and trackable phone numbers. This allows us to provide complete results reporting for each franchise. Conversion tracking is strategically designed to show progress for each separate franchise location. If applicable, the system can monitor the quality of sales calls for each franchise location. We demonstrate our desire to provide real return on investment by constantly monitoring the collaborative work between the franchise and our team.

There is no guessing or estimating where your results are coming from. With conversion tracking, you will know exactly what leads were generated online, and which leads came from elsewhere.

See the results for yourself.

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