Video Marketing

Harnessing the Power of Video Marketing

Our culture is becoming increasingly visual — which means that your franchise has the opportunity to leverage the power of visual mediums, like videos, in your online marketing. Not sure about the value of video marketing for your franchise location? Consider these facts:

  • In September 2013 alone, 46 billion online content videos received 188.7 million US viewers, meaning average Americans consumed over 20 hours of online videos.
  • On average, visitors to retail websites who view videos stay two minutes longer than on sites without video marketing; they are also 64% more likely to purchase compared to other site visitors.
  • 55% of people using video marketing in their email campaigns report increased forwarding, click-through rates, and time spent reading the email.

If you’re not tapping into the power of video marketing now, what’s stopping you? Lack of quality content? No time to produce video marketing materials? Unsure how to create and optimize video content, or how to best promote it? With Franchise Marketing Group, you can capture the power of video marketing and put it to use for your franchise.

Video Marketing Services by Franchise Marketing Group

Kansas City | Video Marketing | Franchise Marketing Group.jpgAs a busy franchise owner or CEO, you may not have the time or specialization required to create engaging, optimized video content for your franchise. That’s where we come in. Franchise Marketing Group provides affordable and effective video marketing services to make your franchise message bold and targeted. Whether you need videos that are tailored to individual franchise locations or to your overall franchise brand, our video marketing will create a unified online presence for your franchise.

When it comes to video marketing, we’re with you and your individual locations from start to finish. Our team produces videos that will enhance your individual franchise locations’ presence online. The videos we create will not only be targeted marketing tools in terms of content — they’ll also be fully optimized to drive traffic to your website. All of the video marketing content produced by the Franchise Marketing Group team is fully search engine friendly, ensuring that they’ll be seen by real consumers.

Place your video on your website and watch the traffic and conversions accumulate, share it on social media and see engagement soar, or add it to your email marketing and count the increased click-throughs. Our video marketing content works effectively on multiple platforms, integrating seamlessly with your existing online marketing strategy.

You deserve a team with the skills and talent necessary to create and run your video marketing campaign. Trust Franchise Marketing Group to deliver videos that exceed your standards — and real, measurable results that help your franchise’s bottom line.

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