Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Management

Franchise Marketing Group Pay Per Click (PPC) professionals focus on providing outstanding results in a cost-effective campaign. The strategy of PPC is rooted in attention to detail. Our experience in PPC allows us to provide the best ROI for a given budget. There are ways to maximize the results while staying within budget. Our team gives you consistent personal support and uses experience to get the most out of your paid search advertising budget.

Professional PPC Account Analysis and Setup

Franchise Marketing is a Google Adwords certified partner and provides a dedicated expert account manager for each client account. Each paid search platform requires unique setup to ensure that your account is configured to be cost effective and effective. Our certified professionals will conduct a full analysis of your online presence. This analysis includes:
pay per click

  • Strategy Meeting to understand your business and your needs.
  • Review of your website, SEO, Local, Mobile and Social Media presence.
  • Develop a comprehensive Keyword Targeting strategy including negative keywords.
  • Build and develop campaigns with correct categorization, matching and Adgroups.
  • Write Ad Text with Multiple ads for efficiency testing.
  • Setup tracking code for Analytics, Conversion Tracking and Call Tracking.

Ongoing Account Management

After setup your account is ready to launch. An active PPC campaign is a constant contest to maximize the ad’s presence and click through rate for the least amount spent. This is achieved by consistent strategy development, results analysis and keyword monitoring. Our expert Account Managers continuously recognize and react to the needs of your campaign by monitoring the following components:

  • Continuing Business, Website, SEO, Local, Mobile and Social Media strategy and consulting.
  • Constant tuning and modification of PPC Strategy.
  • Ongoing Keyword and Ad modification to reflect strategy changes.
  • Continual bid and position adjustments to maximize ROI.
  • Continued Conversion Tracking analysis for improving strategy.
  • Detailed and regular PPC reporting and analysis.