Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a helpful tool for any organization looking for business growth. Leads keep the sales pipeline full. Leads can be generated for sales, list building and surveys. At Franchise Marketing Group, we focus on providing quality leads. Poor leads waste time and reduce productivity.Quality, rather than poor quantity, is what FMG strives to provide regarding lead generation. We provide lead generation solutions that keep the salesperson busy and increase your business.

FMG’s lead generation services provide results for the Franchisee that culminate in success across the board for the Franchise. By focusing on each individual franchisee, we ensure the growth and profitability of the franchise as a whole. We provide conversion tracking so that you know our lead generation is working for you, and we do this for each individual separately. We do not want the Franchise to blindly trust that our lead generation is working — we will report, at least once a month, our results to the Franchisee, and share the overall results with the Franchise.

lead generation

Franchise Lead Generation Services

Our experts will implement the path of lead generation services that best suits your needs. We drive results with a broad range of Online Lead Generation Services:

  • Branded Micro-sites
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Development
  • Content Marketing

Better leads, better sales.

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