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Business Listing Management

To grow your business online, people need to easily find your information. If your information is hard to find, your online presence may not increase your business. Business listings and their optimization are important for every franchise. Our local search optimization focuses on optimization for Google Places and Google+. We follow Google’s guidelines to ensure your listings are optimized and exceed the current standards.
business listings

Google Places and Google+

The most popular and recognized business listing occurs in Google (Google’s business listings are called Google Places). Because Google is the most widely used search engine, it’s important to ensure that your franchise is recognized first and foremost by Google. At Marketing Franchise Group we pay attention to our clients’ positioning in Google Places.

Yahoo Local Listings

Yahoo is one of the top three search engines on the web. Yahoo Local Listings are a great way to promote your franchise to customers looking for information in Yahoo! Local. We use Yahoo Local Listings in our optimization bundles to target local prospective customers looking for products or services.

Bing Local Listings

As Bing grows with market share after combining with Yahoo, it is important for any franchise to have a presence where your customers are located. Microsoft has a system called Bing Local. Bing tends to capture a higher income demographic, therefore, we focus here when working for clients with big ticket items.

You manage your business, we'll manage your listings.

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