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Understanding The Power Of Google Local Search

In our tech-driven age, chances are you own a smart phone or at the very least know someone who uses one. This means that you know how Google local search works. When you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, you can count on your phone’s browser to provide details on nearby establishments. If you’re looking to join a new gym, you’ll search online for nearby fitness centers. In both of these cases, Google local search is in use so that the search engine provides the best, local answer to your query. In everyday life, Google local search is probably your go-to — but have you fully harnessed its power for your franchise?

Capitalizing on the power of Google local search is critical to all franchise owners. Even if searchers don’t include their locality in their search query, Google recognizes their location and prioritizes businesses that are nearby in Google local search. And your potential customers are not just looking for the professional services they need; they’re looking for services which are closest to home. That’s why your independent locations need to be showing up at the top of Google local search results (and Bing and Yahoo, but Google accounts for the majority of online searches, so we will focus on Google local search for now).

Google local search isn’t just key for independent franchise owners; it should also be a chief concern of franchise CEOs and marketers. To make sure your entire franchise brand is successful, you need all of your franchise locations to thrive through Google local search — which means arming individual franchise owners with the online marketing tools necessary to drive their success.

Using Directories & On-Site SEO

At Franchise Marketing Group, we provide the online marketing prowess your franchise needs to excel in Google local search. We’ll ensure that your franchise business locations will be found through advanced local business listing optimization and on-page search engine localization. When used in tandem, these processes create a dynamic impression on Google local search. The results for your franchise may go on for pages and pages.

Each of your unique franchise locations will benefit from our franchise location management services — and as a result of Google local search domination, your franchise brand will grow stronger. You will also find that our co-op marketing services offer the perfect solution for multiple metro locations looking to improve on Google local search.

Effective Google local search strategies for your franchise.

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