Mobile Marketing


Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the closest you can get to consumers as a franchise. With a good mobile marketing platform, your individual franchise locations get the opportunity to offer real time information, build strong customer relationships, and target each local market. With mobile connectivity at an all-time high, it’s essential that your franchise has a presence on people’s mobile devices.

At Franchise Marketing Group, our online marketing expertise also extends to mobile marketing. We know that one-size-fits-all mobile marketing won’t work — for your mobile campaigns to be successful, you need to consider the options for mobile marketing and pick the platforms that best fit your specific franchise location. When your franchise location is ready to tap into the vast network that mobile marketing offers, we will create a customized mobile marketing strategy to fit your needs, your products and services, and your location, including targeted customer demographics.

The mobile marketing services we offer include, but are not limited to, the following:

Mobile Marketing Ads & Mobile CouponsMobile Marketing for Franchises in Kansas City

Mobile marketing ads and coupons are directed to consumers who are searching for your franchise’s products and services near each individual franchise’s location. We can manage all campaigns for your participating franchise locations, making it easy to ensure brand consistency. Let us take control of your franchise brand’s mobile marketing efforts with targeted ads and mobile coupons that get results!

SMS Text Messaging

Be in instant communication with your franchise’s customers when they’re on the go with SMS mobile marketing. Individual franchises can remind customers of an appointment or send them a discount code through text message mobile marketing. Our team will manage your franchise locations’ SMS text messaging efforts from start to finish, tracking results and adjusting campaigns as needed to net the best ROI on your mobile marketing.

Loyalty Programs

A mobile marketing loyalty program allows your individual franchise locations to offer coupons and stay in touch with loyal customers — plus along with gaining new customers, too! Your franchise locations can get local results by building local relationships, including showing customers appreciation with discounts, coupons, and contests, all of which will draw those past customers back to your franchise. Stay on your customers’ minds with a mobile marketing loyalty program designed and executed by Franchise Marketing Group!

Use Front Flip & Foursquare for Mobile Marketing

Franchise Marketing Group recognizes the value in established mobile marketing apps like Front Flip and Foursquare — and more than that, we understand how to best tap into these applications for your franchise locations.

We’ll use Front Flip and Foursquare to create and optimize your franchise’s mobile marketing strategy, including promotion management, Facebook integration, and more.

Get Help With Mobile Marketing For Your Franchise

1 in 5 people worldwide own a smartphone. The time for mobile marketing is now, but the mobile arena is too important for you to enter unprepared. By entrusting your mobile marketing strategy to Franchise Marketing Group, you’re arming yourself with the best ally.

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