Fingertip Accessibility

Your Franchise Needs Mobile Marketing

Without it, you won’t be relevant.

As consumers’ smartphone and tablet use continues to rise, online search rankings are increasingly affected by mobile websites and mobile technology in general. A sound mobile marketing strategy tailored to each individual location will place your franchise right at your customers’ fingertips.

With mobile marketing by Franchise Marketing Group, you’ll see results. From mobile websites to SMS campaigns, we have the mobile marketing savvy you need.

Mobile Websites

In our digital age where on-the-go browsing is the norm, consumers will quickly click away from unresponsive mobile websites, stopping your mobile marketing strategy in its tracks.Digital Tablet With Hands Flat Illustration

There’s no point in having a website for your franchise if it isn’t at the very least mobile-friendly. In the most sound of mobile marketing plans, you’ll have an entirely separate mobile website.

Stop losing customers and get a mobile website to display your franchise’s information cleanly on a mobile device. Mobile websites are user-friendly and keep consumers coming back for more. The easily-navigable nature of mobile websites will make your mobile marketing efforts simpler.

Mobile Marketing

Try counting how many times you glance at your phone each day, and you’ll confirm the value of mobile marketing.

Most Americans spend more time than they’d like to admit using their mobile devices — which means there’s a vast network to tap into with mobile marketing.

Franchise Marketing Group can provide customized mobile marketing strategies for your overall franchise or specific franchise locations. We’ll devise timely, shareable campaigns and make sure that the right local customers are receiving your mobile marketing messages.

Strategies to Suit Your Whole Franchise

Whether you’re a franchisee looking to drive local traffic to your individual facility or a corporate franchise marketer interested in developing a franchise-wide mobile marketing campaign, Franchise Marketing Group can help. Let us work with you to create a mobile marketing strategy that captures your target audience and syncs up with your overall marketing plans.

Get in the palms of their hands.

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