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Online Reputation Management

We live in a very social world. Word of mouth is no longer the primary way consumers share their recommendations for restaurants, shops, hotels, and service providers. Rather, satisfied and not-so-satisfied customers flock to social media outlets, online review websites, and other digital platforms to broadcast their experiences — both positive and negative. As your franchise customers write testimonials, bombard your corporate Twitter feed with complaints, give you gold stars on review sites, or warn friends away on Facebook, your online reputation steadily forms, and it can quickly grow out of hand if not properly tended-to.

With the internet internet evolving and consumers growing increasingly engaged online, it becomes more and more difficult for franchise directors to protect their online reputation and thus their franchise brand name. When you add all the franchise locations to the picture, things can become even more difficult. How can you keep wraps on everything being said about your franchise in the great big digital world?

The answer? Online reputation management by Franchise Marketing Group. Under our expert care, your franchise location or overall franchise can handle any negative reviews, social media attacks, or other negative search results that could be damaging the name of your business.

How We Handle Your Online ReputationOnline Reputation Management Services in Kansas City

At Franchise Marketing Group, our online reputation experts are dedicated to making sure that the name of your business is protected from senseless attacks and bad press found on the internet. We help you by monitoring your brand to ensure that any negative issues are addressed quickly before damaging your business.

We offer tailored online reputation management strategies that fit the individual needs of your franchise locations. Our focus is on improving the customer experience and maintaining your brand standards as we oversee and troubleshoot your online reputation.

With online reputation management by Franchise Marketing Group, you will no longer need to worry about:

  • A social media crisis initiated by an unsatisfied customer — we can handle the issue with immediacy and diplomacy
  • Handfuls of negative reviews sprouting up online — we have strategies to garner good testimonials and divert unsatisfied customers before they vent through online reviews
  • Competitors trashing your online reputation — because we’ll be monitoring your online reputation, we can alert you to any suspicious or malicious information and work to quickly remove it
  • Incorrect or outdated information about your franchise — as we optimize and create your business listings, we take care to triple check your information to make sure that it is correct and consistent across platforms

If you choose Franchise Marketing Group as your online reputation management team, we will positively transform others’ perceptions of your franchise location.


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