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Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Blogging, & Online Reputation Management

The need for online social marketing is greater now more than ever. Consumers are flocking to search engines, social media platforms, blogs, and online review sites to research products and services before taking the plunge — and if they aren’t impressed with your franchise’s online presence, they won’t hesitate to move on.

Franchise Marketing Group is well-versed in all aspects of online marketing, including the social components such as email marketing, blogging, social media marketing, and online reputation management. Let us handle your online social marketing campaign on a franchise-wide or location-specific level, and we’ll work hard to deliver the best results.

Maximize Reach & Engagement With Social Media Marketing

The team at Franchise Marketing Group has the social media savvy to man all of your franchise’s social media platforms. We’ll ensure brand consistency while maximizing your reach and engagement — in other words, we won’t just produce social posts, but we’ll create posts that produce results and keep your franchise fresh in your follower’s feeds and minds.

Tailored Email Marketing for Current & Prospective Customers

Whether you want to remind past or current customers why your franchise is the best or sway prospective leads into taking the plunge, we can create customized email marketing campaigns that work for your corporate or location-specific franchise. From tailored template design to content creation to deployment and results tracking, we do it all when it comes to email marketing.

Build Your Franchise Authority With Blogging

When done right, your franchise blog will build your brand’s industry authority, gain an avid readership, and showcase the value of your products and services. You need relevant, compelling, strategic content, and the wordsmiths at Franchise Marketing Group can produce it for you.

Online Reputation Management to Protect Your Franchise Name

Consumers value the opinions of their peers, and if your franchise gains an undue reputation for poor products or service, it can leave a lasting impact on your online presence, translating into lost revenue. Luckily, through our online reputation management we can employ a number of custom strategies to address and control your franchise’s online reputation at the corporate and location-specific level.

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