On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What do you want your customers to think of when your franchise brand comes to mind? Is it the goods or services you offer, or maybe your signature catchphrase?

While you want your website to reflect your overall franchise’s brand as well as any particularities of your individual franchise, it’s also important that your message is framed in a manner that provides the maximum return from search engines. Part of this process is Search Engine Optimization, an online marketing strategy that maximizes your positioning on search engine results pages.

Whether you want clients to be reminded of your franchise’s superior customer service or your one-of-a-kind goods, our search engine optimization services can help shape your franchise’s brand and ensure that searchers are finding you.

In Search Engine Optimization, Keywords Truly are Key

Strategic keyword placement is a crucial aspect of our search engine¬†optimization strategy. We’ll conduct extensive keyword research to select the right keywords for all of your specific franchise locations. That way, when a customer types a keyword phrase into their computer or phone, our search engine optimization strategy will lead them to your franchise’s door.

At Franchise Marketing Group, we are experts in keyword placement, brand building, and search engine optimization When it comes to your franchise’s marketing needs, our search engine¬†optimization strategy is always on target, for your franchise as a whole and its individual franchise locations.

We Cover All Your Bases with Search Engine Optimization

Using the right images for your franchise brand is important in any marketing effort. The search engine optimization experts at Franchise Marketing Group will work directly with your marketing team to ensure your images are correctly tagged online. Having correctly tagged images helps with search engine and can be used for individual franchise locations to benefit in local search algorithms.

Search Engine Optimization is Always Evolving – And So Are We.

Every year Google alone makes 500-600 changes to it algorithm Franchise Marketing Group specializes in – which means search engine optimization is an industry that is constantly changing. At Franchise Marketing Group, we don’t just stay current with search engine optimization trends because we have to for our customers – we do so because we’re truly passionate about all things SEO, and we like geeking out over search engine optimization practices!

Get results with search engine optimization

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