Search Engine Marketing for Franchises


If your franchise has great services to offer, but its presence is absent online, you are missing opportunity to reach your customers. For your franchise to really succeed, your entire business needs to be visible to the right people and the right places, at the right time.

When used in tandem with our optimization services, search engine marketing can provide the online boost your franchise location needs to succeed

Paid Search Campaigns Tailored To Your Goals

At Franchise Marketing Group, we are experts in search engine marketing for franchises. Your franchise is unique, and a search engine marketing strategy that is perfect for one may not be the right one for your franchise. We understand that every franchise location needs its own paid search strategy to garner great results. We’ll work closely with you to understand your franchise location’s needs, strengths, seasonal focuses, and long-term goals, then do our own keyword and industry research to ensure that we’re fully-versed in the information we need to generate results.

Once we learn about your franchise, we’ll devise unique search engine marketing strategies, including paid search campaigns and on-page optimization techniques, to place your location on the online map. You’ll receive the right marketing strategy for your franchise, not the right marketing strategy for someone else’s.

Our Search Engine Marketing Services

How will your franchise see results? Search engine marketing for franchises is an involved process that can be simplified in two steps:

  • Paid Search – For extra assistance in Google search results, allow our paid search gurus to work their ranking magic. We understand how to select, bid on, and win competitive keywords for your franchise locations, write engaging paid search ads, and adjust campaigns as needed to make the best use of your budget and get an all-star ROI.
  • On-page Optimization – Paid search is powerful, but to generate long-term success, you need to pair your campaigns with on-page optimization that captures organic online traffic. Keywords play a huge role in your online visibility. By choosing the right keywords to target and continuously providing freshly optimized content, we can increase the visibility, relevancy, and authority of your website.

Comprehensive Search Engine Marketing Results Reporting

Our account teams work as partners for both the franchiser and the franchisee. Communication is critical to ensure great results. Regular reporting of search engine marketing results provides invaluable insight for both parties. In providing regular communication and necessary search engine marketing adjustments, we aim to maximize growth opportunities across the board.

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