Download Your Guide to Franchise Blogging

There are a lot of potential eyes that could be on your franchise. In order to point them your way, you need to create an effective franchise blog.

In this whitepaper, we walk you through the steps of developing an effective blog, whether you are a franchisor or franchise marketing director creating a blog to build the franchise brand nationwide or a franchisor looking to leverage blogging for local traffic. We cover:

  • Setting goals for your franchise blog — and assessing progress along the way
  • Understanding your audience — and how their needs must shape your blogging strategy
  • Establishing an engaging, consistent voice for your franchise
  • Using Google Analytics to help shape and measure your blog goals
  • Creating relevant content
  • Asserting your authority to become a trusted industry expert for consumers
  • How to increase traffic to your franchise blog through guest posting, SEO, and social promotion
  • Analyzing and adjusting your blog strategy

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