Below are a half dozen tips that we feel will help any franchise create an engaging branded social media post.

Audience Immersion

It’s difficult to appeal to an audience and cultivate a nice following when customers feel it’s a one-sided relationship. Your followers will interact with your page by commenting, liking, and sharing if they are engaged. Utilize open-ended questions, fun (pertinent) facts, polls, etc. The opportunities are massive — you just gotta get creative!

Authentic Voice

Nobody is going to notice a boring, stuffy voice and prevent you from really connecting with consumers. Don’t ruin it for yourself by being yawn-inducing. it’s easy to be bright, fun, interesting, as well as professional, no matter your industry. Franchisees must have an overall same-ish voice but that doesn’t mean each location can’t be unique.

Relevant External Content & Media

Writing engaging Facebook posts requires a little bit of cleverness. You want to pitch your product or service while still engaging your customers and not making it an obvious sales pitch. This is why advertisers are looked at like the Devil. It works, though. Share news stories that are relevant to both the customer and your business, funny memes, pop culture, etc. Engaging Facebook posts should entertain while simultaneously steering their minds toward your franchise, so be sure that all outside content is relevant to your industry.

Kissmetrics shows that including a photo makes more engaging Facebook posts. Posts with pictures garner 104% more comments, 84% more link click-throughs, and 53% more likes than text posts. So, you can imagine what a post with media besides a picture could do for your audience!


When you respond to Facebook posts, it needs to be on a consistent basis, you cannot just drop a random conversation. When you post, go back and read over people’s responses and “Like” the ones that stand out. In other words — treat them like you would with actual Facebook friends (who you actually like.) Facebook is a space where your customers do come to complain about your franchise. Respond to their negative feedback promptly and in a friendly tone — apologize and offer reparations or ensure steps to correct the error are being taken.

Mix Up Your Content

For the most engaging Facebook posts, you should change up the type of content you share. If a new customer is interested in your business but notices that you have a pretty standard “engagement” post, they may turn away, thinking it is a facade. Space out and intersperse franchise offers with customer stories, relevant local news, and pop culture posts. Mixing things up will keep your followers interested in what you’ll post next.

Keep it Simple

People hate more text than they can skim. Engaging Facebook posts are to the point. Keep it to a couple of short sentences at the most. They should be descriptive enough to intrigue but your image should give them the other half of the story, whether it’s an image, gif, video, external site link, it doesn’t matter.

If you throw your sales pitch at them like the mom in Carrie throws her Bible at her daughter, your followers will become alienated.

You’ve got the basics, go forth and make your franchise thrive!


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