Chances are that if you have at least a decently successful franchise, it has a website. Whether you designed it yourself or had web developers do it for you, it’s got the intuitive menu structure, clean design, original content, which all include strategic keywords and metadata on every page, and there’s even a sitemap to aid search engine crawlers. So, where are all your results?

Even a seemingly perfect website needs continuous website optimization before it can get the exposure or conversions you are looking for. Continuous website optimization isn’t super difficult but it does take some specific knowledge that you might not have a lot of time to learn all about, especially when you have other aspects of franchise management to consider. However, website optimization really is essential.

Fresh Content Ranks Better

It doesn’t matter how good your content is, search engine algorithms favor “fresh” content, meaning a new page (or newly optimized page) can rank over an established page with similar content. This is why professional online marketers recommend that businesses have at least one new blog per week because the more posts the better your ranking could be. Continuous website optimization counteracts the normal staleness that website suffers from over time.

Even small changes can make a big difference. Try updating the body of one page every week. The easiest way to do this is by adding new content like specials, events, or new products to your franchise website every day. This tactic will not only increase your search engine presence but it will also benefit customers who like to have continually revised online information.

Changes in Product, Service, and Industry

Keeping your services, product availability, and offerings up-to-date is a simple way to effectively update your website. Offering new services or products will keep your franchise competitive within your industry as well. You’ll need to use continuous website optimization as you create new pages, target new primary and secondary keywords relevant to your page content, and then re-optimize those pages in a few weeks. As you think of a better way to write the content on a page, your identity will change subtly. It may go from a standard, stiffly written informational filler content to a unique and continually improving voice that really sets your franchise apart from similar franchises.

Identifying your competitor’s website advantages can help you get a leg up. Note what you like, dislike, and how often they are updating content, then figure out how you would do both better. Google Chrome extensions like SEOquake and Meta SEO Inspector will give you any page’s metadata (meta-tags, -titles, -keywords) and search engine rank so you can see what is working for those sites.

More Search = New Keywords

Marketing campaigns need to be monitored and adjusted, your website is another piece of your marketing strategy as well. So, you’ll need to keep a list of what keywords you’ve optimized on which pages. If you think that you cannot possibly optimize a page any further, then identify those pages that you will continually optimize and focus on those.

New and more high-traffic keywords will emerge as people continue to search, which you can target with continuous website optimization keeping your franchise website fresh. Remember to not only adjust keywords on existing pages but also add new pages to target new high-traffic keyword phrases.

Not sure you have the time or knowledge to continually optimize your website? We’ll do it for you, Contact us today.