You might think that mixing up your marketing strategies would be best at the beginning of the new year but, actually, since it’s just after the holidays and still dreary winter, it’s not the greatest. Spring is all about renewal and breaking out of all the snow and ice for the warm weather. Plus, there are those refreshing spring rains to clean off those ugly soggy leaves and salted streets. You can practically feel the buzz of summer in the air by April. So, this excitement is the perfect time to reattain your old customers’ attention again, as well as pull in new ones.

First, take a look at your budget and decide what you can afford to work on or pay a marketing agency to work on. As a franchise owner, there is more of a stress on spreading money consistently for all locations and making sure the look/branding/discounts are all the same across the board.

Update Your Website

Spring clean your website. Remove irrelevant content that you usually just ignore or that you hear frequent complaints about. Look at the design and content. Is there enough information on every page? Do you still have the same logo? Even if you don’t realize it, there are always improvements to be made. It doesn’t hurt to take some time to go through and make a few changes. If you have a marketing agency, create a list of what you would like changed and get a quote, it never hurts to inquire. If you can’t afford it all, get the big things done and do the rest later.

Top businesses change out their homepages every season or with every new offer. This makes the page more likely to appeal to your target audience who will want to see the latest news and offers that your company has on offer. Besides enticing more people in, it refreshes your look so people know you take your business importantly and are consistently updating the content.

Social Media Overhaul

This is another spot that could probably use some cleaning up. Update your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc with new cover photos or themes. Get rid of the blue and gray commonly used in winter and throw on a more seasonal palate that complements your branding. Another usual cleaning tip is to go through who you are following or friends with and make sure they are all good. You don’t want anyone who is posting rude or bad comments that could cast your franchises in the wrong light.

Apart from the themes, review your posts and decide whether they could use some more spark, whether through wording, pictures, videos, or whatever else. Get ready to amp it up for the happy, sunny warmth to come.

Sales & Giveaways

As a franchise owner, you are used to sales and giveaways, you may allocate them every once in awhile for franchisees to run. However, there are some things that get overlooked like overstocked items that sit in the back of the storeroom. If you have a lot of old inventory sitting around, host a weekend spring fever sale. Or for restaurants, host a weekend flash discount on a winter favorite and simultaneously advertise the new spring menu item, offering samples. By making these kinds of sales exclusive email offers and Facebook ads you can pull more foot traffic into your store, as well as draw in online customers. You won’t waste money on mailers that will get thrown away, people are more likely to check out a sale when they think it’s exclusive to them digitally and when the link to the sale page is right there.

sPring Sale! (1)Giveaways that require a purchase are somewhat risky, depending on the product. People like free stuff, but at what price? They don’t want to spend more than $50 to be eligible and, preferably, they don’t want to spend anything. Usually, an immediate free gift with a purchase over a certain amount is the best way to go here, but that’s not always possible. Weigh the financial benefits and see what you can afford to do. Large franchises throw in a unique looking, but cheap to manufacture item, like a tote bag.

There is no best idea when it comes to advertising, every business is unique and just because a certain strategy works for some companies doesn’t guarantee it will work for others.

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