If your franchise isn’t on Snapchat now, it needs to be. Trying to appeal to about a huge chunk of the population is going to be pretty tough if you’re only getting out a tweet or two a week — Twitter is withering away and Snapchat is taking over. It might seem like a gimmick or give the appearance that your franchise is trying to be “cool,” but it will prove more effective marketing-wise than you think.

Every few months, Snapchat introduces a new feature for their mobile app. It isn’t all just the ability to swap faces with your friend or personalized filters. They’ve added features for businesses to be able to better communicate with their existing and potential customers.

Become More Familiar with Your Customers

Snapchat offers something unique in the social media realm. The ability to connect to specific individuals without a character limit or public forum. It presents an opportunity to market in a familiar way. Your franchise can follow whomever it wants, and since Snapchat uses images, you have a better look into your audience’s lives and minds. This is especially valuable in your local marketing efforts because you can eliminate those who aren’t near your business and bring in more of those who are.

Personalize Your FranchiseSnap  x

Say you own a franchise gift store that is aimed at ages 13-45. You have so many chances to promote yourself through the app, while still maintaining the right corporate message. Start out by getting your unique Snapchat ghost out there (this is a QR code to scan and automatically add to your “friends” list). An effective way of starting engagement is sending it out in an email newsletter. If corporate is planning on getting every franchise to use Snapchat then they might put them into one bulk email with each location listed.

Once you build up a small following, you can invest a little more thought into you snaps. Send out pictures and short videos of your staff engaging with new products or events. You will begin to see the most active users that open your “sent” snaps and engage with them. As good as uploading your snaps in your “story” is, you will want to send them to your followers so they are aware of it. You can use this direct connection as a way to get them on your email list, send a birthday surprise, and offer exclusive deals.

Another way to promote is check-ins. Put your ghost in your store so people can follow you and if they already do they can check-in at the store and earn something in return. You don’t have to go handing out a dollar off every time but, say 10-15 percent off after five visits. The beauty is you can do almost anything you want with it.

Sense of Immediacy

Another unique offer is that you can snap all day and users can just scroll through as they want. It’s a little more difficult to annoy people this way, especially when snaps only last a few seconds. The “my story” feature also gives users a sense of urgency because they are only posted for 24 hours and if they are interested, they will scroll through updates all day. So if you have a special that you put up during a certain time or day then you could potentially bring more users in to learn about other parts of your business while they are looking for that one snap.

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