Marketing isn’t what it used to be. The goal is no longer to get as many impressions as possible and people will eventually visit your store. Traffic is no longer the number of people who see your ads, it’s the number of people you can get into your franchise location versus the one a mile away. There are now so many competing franchises and locations that it’s all about location now.

Attract Your Customers

To attract customers, you need to know who your audience is. You should already have a general idea of who wants your product because franchises are generally popular businesses. However, getting the right ads created and targeted can be more difficult than it seems. If you have the right keywords, images, and verbiage in your ads but they are going to the wrong audience, or vice versa, you will not see good results.

Focus, Focus, Focus

There are so many business owners that believe the best route is to get their ads out to as many people as their product could serve. Say your franchise is part of a larger shoe store chain. Think about every single type of person that could possibly need shoes — everyone. So, the key is to focus on who exactly is your potential audience, are they reasonably priced or specifically athletic shoes? Create two ads, one targeted to families that having kids who will quickly outgrow shoes and the other towards adult recreational athletes that don’t want to break the bank. You want to make sure to narrow your target area to exclude the next closest franchise location as well.

A big problem that business owners have with this tactic is they start panicking because they don’t know who is coming to their store based on ads and who is just familiar with the store or a random walk-in. Many franchises have one main website, unless it is a restaurant chain that might have specific specials based on location. A marketing team can make a specific landing page to track ad clicks but that won’t necessarily dicate who is coming into the store, or owners can get a sense of how well their ads are doing by asking customers.

Reel ‘Em in With (Good) Keywords

There are a lot of spam marketers out there that bid on big, “most searched” keywords to try and gain you as an accidental customer. Consumers see this every day when we search for something and are lead to possibly the least helpful website. This is not a way to good a customer base. Sure, you have a lot of website clicks which looks good on initial viewing, but you also haven’t gotten anyone into your location. Worthless keywords are more dangerous than you might think and you need to be sure the correct location is on everything you put out. According to Entrepreneur, “The conversion-less keywords in an account typically produce 72 percent of its clicks and eat up 76 percent of ad spend.” That’s a wad of money down the drain. So, finding the right traffic will make you money while keeping your advertising costs down.

Now that you’ve optimized your keywords and defined your audience, you can do A/B testing to find out what else you can do to increase your profits. This kind of testing takes time. Small improvements over a few months is a nice rate to expect. A/B testing is a subject in itself, though. For now, you have the starting knowledge to begin to get better conversions to your website.

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