Facebook Ads Manager is an infuriating experience. The interface alone is enough to drive a patient person to insanity. For a franchise controlling multiple locations from one account, it can be even more difficult.There is no real information in any of their guides nor in any of their information bubbles. For the most part, you have to figure it out on your own. That being said, this doesn’t mean common sense will help you any. Below are a few things that we have struggled through and (kind of) figured out.

Text in Images

It makes sense that whatever you are advertising should have a bold spot on top of your image, however, the text can be no more than 20 percent of your image. They mean it. If you have a little slogan at a 15 point font but you try to bump it up to one point bigger you’re going to get rejected. Sometimes you can move your text slightly further from the biggest feature of the image and it will be OK. You would think that “Hey, it’s my ad, I really don’t care if it has a ‘slightly lower reach’,” Facebook cares, though. This can prove a special challenge if you want to include something location specific in the text overlay. One location might fit perfectly but another may not.

Advertising “Inappropriate” Content

This has happened twice on two recent campaigns for different clients. One of which was advertising a drug testing service, the other was using the term “Happy Hour” for a weekly special. Happy hour implies drinking (to Facebook), you cannot advertise about alcohol to those under 21 so we were forced to change the ages from 18 to 21+ as well as the verbiage. You can appeal an unapproved ad to Facebook. They would not accept our happy hour problem, yet they let the drug testing go through immediately after appeal. There seems to be no recipe, you just have to wait around.

Don’t Wait Too Long, Though

It is extremely important to make sure your ads are running. Other work might sweep your mind away from Facebook but if you are waiting on ad approval it is a good idea to set a timer every 30 minutes or so to check on the status. If you give blind trust to Facebook approving your ad and don’t check on it until halfway through the month or even when your campaign is supposed to end you could be in for a nasty shock.

Multiple Accounts

For a franchise’s corporate that manages multiple Facebook ad accounts, make sure you chose the correct account when you are setting the ad’s text and image. Typically, it will revert to the first account alphabetically. Also, though you cannot save a complete campaign, it will now save at least some of the last ad you were working on. If you chose “create ad” a blue banner will show at the top to continue working or create a new ad.

Always, Always, Always Review Your Order

This is key, especially if you came back to an ad after logging out. Under the budget, Facebook likes to revert to a “daily budget” of $350.00. Make sure that section has the correct amount unless your business is so stellar it actually uses a daily budget or $350 (in which case do you really need Facebook ads?)

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