The amount of work that actually goes into advertising and posting on social media is astounding. It can easily suck up three hours when you are trying to resize, design, write and decide when to send everything out. You need to think about what type of business you’re in as well. Driving internet traffic to sites will follow the standard rules for posting but for business that have physical locations as well like retail, you need to consider when people will be likely to visit you. Posting closer to the weekend when people are thinking more about hitting shops and restaurants is a pretty good rule of thumb. One of the great things about being a franchise business is that you usually have more employees than a small startup does and, therefore, a bit more leeway for posting.

Image Sizing

When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook dominates. Below are a few quick reference sizes for basic ads on the top social sites. Keep in mind that Instagram uses Facebook ads and you can simultaneously use them just by clicking a box when creating your ad.

Carousel: 600×600 px
Static: 1200×628
Profile: 180×180
Cover: 851×315

Profile: 400×400 px
Header: 1500×500
Tweet image: 440×220
Website & app cards: 800×320
Single image tweet: 1200×675

Google +
Profile: 1000×1000 px
Cover: 2120×1192
Small thumbnail: 120×120
Full thumbnail: 426×255

Profile: 400×400 px
Background: 1400×425
Wide Skyscraper: 160×600
Leaderboard: 728×90
Medium Rectangle: 300×250

Posting Frequency

What is the perfect balance between driving everyone insane with a post every few hours and people forgetting that your franchise location even exists when posting twice a month at the wrong times? Posts are both a science and an art. Thinking about when you check your social media is also a helpful guideline.

Aim to post daily, if you really want some extra post engagement get something out on a Friday. Mid-afternoon posts between one and three (lunch break during the workday) at least five times a week is a good place to start, then you can tweak after you see your results. Early morning will usually see excellent results, as people typically scroll through Facebook after turning off their alarm.

Twitter posts have an extremely short shelf life, it is optimal to posts at least three times a day but it can be difficult to do. Morning, mid-afternoon and evening are great times to start and then tweak. Remember to @mention business and followers for a higher retweet rate.
Tip: If you don’t have dedicated social type up batches of tweets in a document for the week, set timers for tweet times, then you can copy/paste quickly and get on with your work.

Posting once a day, at the end of the workday through the night. It might sound weird, but the age group that uses Instagram the most are the under 35s and are more likely to be scrolling through at 3am. Remember to tag reputable influencers also.

Try to make your posts as unique to your location as possible, people will appreciate individuality and be more likely to go out of their way to visit your location even if it’s farther away.

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