Digital marketing may seem like a new landscape to explore but, actually, the first ever digital marketing campaign was launched 30 years ago. In 1986, SoftAd Group (ChannelNet) sent out floppy discs containing information about cars from BMW, Ford and General Motors in response to mail-in inquiry cards from magazines. In the last 10 years digital marketing has not only expanded it’s property, but completely leveled it and built it up. It is now a space where every business has just about an equal opportunity to each customer they want.

No business can achieve this alone. The nature of online business has given anyone with an idea and an internet connection the ability to start their own company. This is an absolutely amazing thing, however, a small business or franchisee may not be sure about how to market themselves online.

Working in Harmony

As a new client to an online marketing team, there are a few things to keep in mind so that both sides will build trust and a happy, fruitful relationship. It might sound like a cheesy self-help line but if either end is guessing at any part of the process no one will get their ideal results.

  • Cooperation is key. A great online marketing team will be willing to work with you, but only if you’re willing to work with them.
    • Remember, you hired them because they know what they’re doing. If they tell you something won’t work, believe them and try to figure it out together.
  • They aren’t mind readers. As a franchise owner, you know your products better than anyone. You cannot expect marketing to put together an effective campaign if you give them no more information than they can obtain from your website.
    • What makes your company unique? Does your franchise work with a local charity? Maybe your product names differ based on location like Girl Scout Cookies?
  • It takes time. Building a strategy, creating content and waiting for the numbers is a process. It can be just as grueling on both sides.
    • Your marketing team wants to be effective and waiting to see what is going to work and what will need adjusting is frustrating for them too.
    • They take your business as seriously as you do, but there’s a pretty decent chance they have more than one client. Expecting them to drop their current workload on your say-so will not bode well and certainly cause headaches for everyone.

The Internet is Finicky

Reasonable expectations are important to managing stress levels. We all know that anything digital is very temperamental. There are unexpected power outages, wireless problems, computer freezes and poorly created applications to deal with. Sometimes your schedule will be delayed, but remember that your team is at the mercy of a bunch of programs or people a couple thousand miles away.

For example, sadly, it’s not up to your marketing team whether Facebook will publish an ad, it’s up to their reviewers. They have dozens of rules and regulations on their ads that can impede any campaign delivery schedule.

When a big news story hits, search engines like Google or Yahoo! will prioritize results searched for based on how they are connected to the recent news. Social sites like Twitter or Facebook will bump your ads down because the news stories are getting more clicks. This was seen recently during the presidential election. The internet lit on fire and there was a dramatic drop in ad clicks and website views. Analytics can make it look as though the ad wasn’t even running that day, but those programs won’t factor in the news.

Why This is SO Important

In 2015, 97% of all those aged 19-34 are mobile users and 82% of those aged 35-54 use multiple platforms, with desktop only access becoming a diminishing number.

Your online presence is just as major as anything else. You should worry about it as much as you would about submitting tax information — there’s no need to worry if you have professionals doing it, but doing it wrong can get you into trouble. If you are trying to run a business with the wrong information about marketing, business will suffer.

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