On December 2nd, Turn the Page was thrilled to host a Google Digital Breakfast and an accompanying webinar for those across the country who could not attend in person. As part of being a Google Premier Partner, we have our very own representative who personally came from Google’s New York office to talk with some of our current and prospective clients.

Industries That Want to Work With Us

Some (but certainly not all) of the industries represented in physical attendance and that logged into our webinar were ranging in everything from technology, healthcare and fitness to creative agencies, contracting and restaurants.

What We (and Google) Had to Say

Everything is online now, so it is more vital than ever for a business to establish a steady spot, not only online, but online marketing specifically. Getting the word out about your business the old fashioned way just won’t cut it anymore and, if nothing else, is extremely limited in reach.

Among the topics discussed were:

  • Google Ad Words
  • SEO
  • Web development
  • Facebook ads & social media

All of these aspects work together to better leverage your company in driving more leads and generating new customers. To have the most successful marketing strategy you need every part and, ideally, for all to be within the same company.

Why is Being a Partner So Special?

Being a Partner is an honor that we have worked, and continue to work, very hard for. Being a Google Premier Partner means that we meet their standards of excellence by earning certifications, following best practices and, overall, delivering outstanding customer results. We have a personal line with Google and access to the best tools and insights to continue growing our business and, in turn, our clients’.


For more information and a copy of the Google Digital Breakfast presentation, click here.