Writing press releases is an essential part of your franchise marketing plan. While undoubtedly a more traditional form of PR, in a world where social media and other newer forms of marketing seem to rule, press releases have not lost their relevance. Read on to learn more about why writing press releases is still so important and how to make your press releases the most effective.

Why Should Your Franchise be Writing Press Releases?

Generate Publicity

The main point of writing press releases is to generate publicity for your business, whether for an event, product launch, location opening or something else. Sending press releases to news sources and media outlets help to present that information to your target audience and attract publicity, which is always good for business.

Easily Shared & Trusted Source of Information

Press releases are a slightly more formal way of releasing information, Because of that, news sources and consumers alike trust the content of press releases. Follow the lead of big name national brands who are always sure to present official press releases for anything of importance going on in the company. Additionally, press releases are easy to share and are used for quotes by major news sources.

Writing Effective Press Releases

Know Your Audience & Goals

Who do you want to communicate to, and what are your goals for that communication? These are essential aspects to think about before you start writing a press release. Are you writing this press release to communicate information about an upcoming event, a product launch, a new franchise location opening, or something else? Once you have a handle on the goals of your press release, make sure to consider your target audience. Think about who that audience is and what they want and expect from your franchise. This will help you write effective press releases that will truly reach your target audience.

The ABCs of Writing Press Releases for Your Franchise

Follow a Few Essential Guidelines

Because press releases are a more traditional and formal marketing format, they typically certain guidelines, including:

  • A concise and direct, yet attention-grabbing, headline
  • A relevant dateline, including the franchise or company name, location and date
  • An opening paragraph that succinctly summarizes the goal or point of the press release
  • Answers to the “five Ws” of journalism: “Who? What? When? Where? Why?”
  • Insightful and interesting quotes from owners and/or employees of the franchise or company
  • Ideally one page long
  • Contact information for reporters wishing to follow up

The bottom line is that your press releases should give relevant information in a succinct yet interesting manner. Including quotes helps bring out the human side of your franchise, plus it gives journalists something to use if they decide to run with your story.

Share on the Right Channels

A press release is nothing without a strategic sharing plan. Today, there are many press release distribution sites, both free and paid, that businesses can use to share their press releases with the world. We recommend using a combination of these distribution websites and doing the research to see which ones will work best for your purposes. It’s also important to reach out to local newspapers and news stations to see if they would be interested in running a story on the event or launch announced in your press release. The point is to grab every opportunity to make your press releases visible to your target audience.

The ABCs of Writing Press Releases for Your Franchise

Ready, Set, Go!

It’s time for you to dip your toes into the world of press releases. Do you already have experience writing press releases for your business or franchise? Share with us in the comments!


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