Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising is a powerful way to gain potential consumer and franchisee attention through the use of well-written yet brief content and links. The ads include a headline rich with keywords, short but poignant text, and a link that leads to a landing page filled with quality content and valuable insight about a business, product or offer.

So, how can you make sure your PPC campaign is a success? Follow this simple guide:

6 Steps to a Successful Franchise PPC Campaign

Good Keyword Research is Key

Although it is natural to presume that using generic keywords in your PPC campaign will help you attract more visitors, you’re wrong. Yes, it will gain you traffic, but no, it won’t win you customers. The point behind a targeted PPC campaign is to convert visitors into paying customers. Doing the necessary keyword research to find keywords that are truly relevant to your campaign will help you attract consumers that are more likely to be interested.

Location Targeting

A PPC campaign is nothing without the right targeting. Make sure to target your audience with the right location as well as relevant keywords. This is especially important for franchises and franchisees who need to target local audiences to come to a specific location. In addition, geographically-targeted campaigns are more likely to be trusted by consumers, because in general they prefer working with a local company rather than an impersonal, national chain.

Make Sure Your PPC Landing Pages are Mobile Friendly

Your PPC campaign needs to be seen by a mobile audience, too, especially since now more Google searches take place on mobile phones than on computers. A good majority of the people visiting your landing page will be using either a smartphone or tablet with Wi-Fi capabilities, so make sure to use a mobile-friendly format in the landing pages you create to help target a mobile audience.

Harness the Power of the Franchise Name

Using the franchise name in your PPC campaign as a keyword keeps your competitor from doing so. That means potential customers see your ads, not your competitor’s. It also allows you to track how many people online are searching for your franchise name.

Have a Great Landing Page

A great landing page should have several key features that serve a purpose for your business. First and foremost, it should have a strong call to action that leads the visitor to take a specific action (sign up for a course, purchase material or goods, tell their family and friends about a business). Next, the design should be clean with buttons that are easy to find and text that is clear, relevant to the consumer and informative.

Find your PPC campaign's flaws in order to improve!

Track Your Campaigns & Analyze the Data for Improvement

The only way to improve your PPC campaign is to know where it falls short. Consistent monitoring helps you determine what time of day to target your ads, which helps you with future marketing campaigns and channels. That’s why tracking campaigns and analyzing data is crucial. It allows you to improve future efforts and make them more successful.


What are your keys to a successful PPC campaign? Make sure to share with us below in the comments! If you’re still struggling with working out all the elements that make up a good PPC campaign, contact us today for help.


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