Organizationally, franchises are like a hybrid of a small business and a larger conglomerate. Franchisees have the mindset and operations of a small business owner, with day-to-day concerns of running their location, managing staff, and driving local traffic among chief concerns. Franchisors are thinking higher level, aiming to sell more locations and grow the franchise overall.

Sometimes, it feels like these two objectives can’t quite mesh, leaving the franchise floundering.

One solution? Centralizing your franchise marketing can help ensure that both franchisee and franchisor goals are achieved. Here’s how.

Advantages of Centralizing Your Franchise Marketing

Cohesion = Stronger Messaging

The best way for your franchise to make real strides in building customer awareness and loyalty is with each aspect of your marketing moving forward cohesively. When different campaigns or branches of your marketing aren’t in sync, it’s akin to a person trying to go on a walk when their feet are going in two different directions — it just doesn’t work.

With a centralized marketing plan, the franchisor and franchisees will all be on the same page, and the marketing message will become that much clearer.


Consolidated Budget = More Impactful Marketing

Many franchisees simply don’t have the budget to invest much in their marketing. With a central marketing plan, though, funds can be compiled from all locations and put toward major marketing efforts that franchisees otherwise could never afford. A good centralized strategy will include a mix of brand-building campaigns and local-level marketing so that franchisees see results from the money they put in.

Consistency = Franchise Success

Your franchise will also greatly benefit from centralized marketing because it helps ensure brand consistency. With a central plan in place and funds directed toward an overarching expert to provide services, you ensure that brand standards are met and that your marketing reflects favorably on your franchise. Overall, articulating and executing these standards will help your organization build a recognizable, respected brand.

See How We Can Help

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