Millennials. We’re a funny generation. Often seen as young, bright-eyed and naive, we’re complained about and deemed lazy and ungrateful by older generations. This is nothing new. And just as before, older generations know that in this ever-advancing world, we’re the ones to teach them about technology and trends. In fact, studies have shown that this powerful knowledge we possess has given us power elsewhere: in consumer markets. Read on for two key tips from an actual, real life Millennial on how to connect with my kind.

Get SocialMillennials

I don’t care if you’re a dentist or a franchise location of a sub shop; you NEED to be on social media. We spend more time than we care to admit in those formidable black holes, and if you don’t have a social media presence, you’re missing out on countless impressions and probably a significant amount of business.

That being said, you must post wisely. If you bombard us with multiple posts a day, we’ll unfollow you. But if you don’t post anything, we may forget that you even exist. Also, relevant posting is key. Think, “if I were a consumer looking for this information, would my business’s social media page be a reasonable place to seek it out?” If not, perhaps reconsider posting it. Even if a post is amusing, if it doesn’t relate to your business, we probably won’t remember where we saw it, defeating the entire purpose of you sharing it in the first place.

Give Us a Deal

With the job market the way it is today, where college grads are no longer guaranteed a job even within a year of completing school, we like to save money wherever we can. Creating specials or deals, and putting them on social media where we’ll find them, is an excellent way to reach out to Millennials. If you get us into your business with a deal, and we like you, we are more likely to stay or return when we have more money to spend. We’re loyal like that.

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