The countdown to the Super Bowl is on, and whether you tune in for the game or for the commercials, you’re probably prepping for Sunday.

If you’re a fan, that means grabbing the beer, chips, dip, wings, and other classic Super Bowl staples.

If you’re a franchise marketer, it might mean brainstorming to come up with your big Oreo moment.

You know what we’re talking about, right? In 2013, America’s favorite snack cookie (sorry, chocolate chip!) unofficially won the Super Bowl thanks to a quickly-timed Tweet that capitalized on an unexpected power outage at the Superdome.

Since hailed as one of the top Tweets of all time and exalted as the pinnacle of timely tie-ins, the “Dunk in the Dark” status has kind of cursed the marketing world, in our opinion.

Here’s why you shouldn’t try to emulate Oreo’s success this Super Bowl.

Why You Can’t Manufacture Your Oreo Moment

Consumers Crave Authenticity.Watching Super Bowl

In an age where ads are usually fast-forwarded through, people hate feeling constantly pitched to. Promotional content that works is usually smart, emotional content. It’s earned and authentic. It doesn’t scream “We are trying to capitalize on an event we know that millions are watching.”

You win when you create content that appeals to a consumer’s sensibilities without selling to them. And more often than not, marketers attempting Super Bowl tie-ins fall flat because their content is forced.

Pick Your Promotional Stage.

Does this mean we poo-poo all promotional tie-ins? No. Obviously, we love a good timely Tweet or seasonal campaign when it does feel organic to your business. We were all in awe of Lee Jeans’ World Series promotion, for example, because the Kansas City company had a real stake in the series, and thus their marketing felt natural.

Clearly, if you’re a sports bar or an athletic clothing company or a gym, then your business is relevant enough to merit a Super Bowl tie-in.

But if you’re having trouble coming up with a tie-in that feels earned and authentic and doesn’t stretch too far, chances are, you shouldn’t be brainstorming at all. Give it a rest and wait for an event that does fit your brand. Trust us — your marketers and, more importantly, the consumers will appreciate you not trying too hard.

Consumer-Centric Content Strategies for Your Franchise.

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