Anyone who’s heard their own voice on tape will probably admit that the sound makes their skin crawl.

As franchise marketers, we’ve noticed the same phenomenon with franchises when it comes to their branded content. Too often, we’re approached to write content for websites or overhaul franchise blogs because owners hate the way their existing content sounds. And chances are, if you hate it, customers won’t like it, either, making it necessary for you to craft a new voice for existing brands.

There’s a science behind why your voice sounds so different in your head than to your ears. In our years of revamping franchise voices, we’ve identified some of the reasons why franchise voices are so dissonant to owners — and what you can do to fix that.

Don’t Like the Way Your Franchise Sounds? Here’s Why.

Your Voice Isn’t Sincere.Kansas City | Why You Hate Your Franchise's Brand Voice - And What to Do About It

No one likes content that comes off as too sales-y or showboat-y, but in franchise marketing, that tone is often a fallback. Yes, it’s vital that you have an end goal in mind when writing your content, and often the goal is to sell (or at the very least to get the customer to give your franchise a call or a visit) — but there are ways to point your reader toward conversion without being overly pushy.

Your Tone’s Too Stiff.

Another reason you may hate your franchise’s content voice? Your tone might be too stiff, particularly if you’re in a more technical or specialized field. It can be difficult to synthesize information for a broader audience, and if you’re trying to maintain a professional voice, you might come off the wrong way. Remember, even if your content contains more technical data, you can package it in a way that is more accessible to a wider audience.

Or Too Relaxed.

Then again, you’ll turn off consumers if your franchise comes across as inexperienced or blas√©. If you’re not passionate in your franchise content, how do you expect customers to get excited about your products or services? Your franchise voice should have a sense of urgency driving the content forward.

You’re Not Writing To the Right Audience.

Most issues with franchise voice boil down to a failure to target the right audience. To craft an effective voice, you need to not only know your franchise, but also your intended consumer audience — their desires, their fears, their needs. Only then can you shape your content in a way that appeals and converts.

Let Us Fix Your Franchise Voice.

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