A franchise is only as strong as the bond between its franchisees and franchisors.

Unfortunately, many of these bonds aren’t so great.

In our next series of posts, we’re exploring three ways franchisors can wreck their franchisee relationship — and how a little franchise marketing cooperation can fix the situation.

First up: three faux-pas franchisors commit when it comes to franchisees’ local marketing.

Surefire Ways to Ruin Your Franchisor-Franchisee Relationship: Local Marketing Mix-Ups

Forbid All Local Marketing Efforts

What better way to break all faith your franchisees have in you than by not allowing them to market their individual franchise location? You’re doing marketing for your franchise as a whole, right? That will suffice for all your franchisees, too. They really don’t need to do any sort of local marketing — so make sure they don’t have any rogue social media profiles or websites! If you really want to make them upset, go ahead and make them pitch in for the nationwide marketing efforts you’re doing, even if their location doesn’t see a boost from these campaigns.

Micromanage, Baby!Man Flicking

Alternatively, maybe you can allow your franchisees to do local marketing — but only if you approve every.single.thing. It’s your brand, after all, right? So you should have a say in every tweet, every email, every blog post.

Even if it takes you weeks to approve content, and it screws up their strategy. Better late than never, right?

Well, sometimes it’s never. You’re a busy franchisor, after all.

Let ‘Em Loose With No Direction.

Or maybe you do let your franchisees do their own local marketing thing. 100% freedom to do what they want, no rules, no restrictions.

The results? Many of your franchisees will be too overwhelmed to take on any local marketing, so they’ll simply do none at all.

Others will try the SEO company of the week, and give up if results aren’t lightning fast.

Some will invest their time and money in local marketing efforts that won’t ever produce an ROI.

And some might launch some campaigns that don’t align with your brand standards, which can affect consumer perceptions of you on a nationwide scale.

Franchise Marketing Group To the Rescue!

Sadly, these nightmare scenarios are actually experienced by franchisees. In one survey, 64% of franchisees reported feeling dissatisfied with the marketing support provided by franchisors. And 70% of franchisors acknowledge that local marketing is vital to franchise success, but that their franchisees aren’t spending their advertising budget.

There is a way to strike the right balance between total local marketing tyranny and disastrous free-for-all, though. Franchise Marketing Group can work with franchisors to create unified local marketing campaigns that adhere to brand standards and seamlessly integrate with national marketing efforts. You’ll have the oversight you need to ensure your franchisees aren’t running amok, but you won’t be bogged down approving every social media post, because our expert team will be handling those efforts. Your franchisees won’t grow dissatisfied from a lack of support, and they’ll see real results from our local marketing strategies, too.

If you’re interested in how our team can create an effective local marketing strategy for your franchisees, call (816) 875-9311 today!