As franchise website developers, we’ve seen franchisors handle franchisee websites in a number of ways — unfortunately, not all of them good.

As part 2 of our series on alienating franchisees, we are exploring how franchisors can handle websites, and what we recommend as franchise marketing experts.

Franchise Website No-Nos.

Give Them Free Reign.

A surefire way to set your franchise as a whole up for an online disaster? Let franchisees create and maintain their own websites, giving them 100% free reign on the layout, design, and content.

Why is this disastrous? Well, considering that most franchisees are consumed with the day-to-day of running their location, they probably aren’t web experts, so they might unwittingly make some choices that are detrimental to their online presence, like using duplicate content (which search engines frown upon). They could also fail to adhere to brand standards. And later, if you do decide to take control of individual franchisee websites, you will have a lot of work to do.

No Access.Brick Wall

Or you could go in the opposite extreme and restrict your franchisees’ access to their websites. Don’t allow them to change content, personalize anything, or add landing pages tailored to their paid search campaigns. If they can’t change anything, they can’t screw it up, right?

No Franchisee Websites.

Why do franchisees need their own websites anyway? Don’t bother making sites or even landing pages for your individual franchise locations — just have the “Find a Location” page on your main franchise website include their relevant contact info. That way, you have all the control and don’t have to worry about brand standards, NAPU consistency, and the like.

The Franchise Marketing Solution? Multisites.

Franchisors and franchisees both benefit when multisites are used to create websites for individual locations. You can grant your franchisees access to their individual site but not the franchisor site, allowing you oversight without total web tyranny! Plus, as we’ve explained before, multisites have a host of SEO benefits that will help your franchisees rise to the top of the search crop — which benefits franchisors, too!

Franchise Marketing Group is well-versed in franchise multisite web development. Let us handle your web design and development while you work on maintaining a great rapport with your franchisees!

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