With college football’s rivalry weekend just around the corner and college basketball beginning, sports fans are revved up again. Loyalties are established, and perhaps if your workplace straddles a state line like Franchise Marketing Group, your employees may have a friendly rivalry going as they root for opposing teams.

No matter where your workers’ allegiances lie, your franchise should think about how harnessing rivalry can help your marketing efforts. After all, rivalries bring out the passion in many consumers — for example, a heated Mizzou/KU border war is ongoing at our office, even though the two teams don’t share a conference anymore.

Read on for our strategies for using rivalries to capture franchise customers.

Drive Franchise Growth With Rivalries

Capture More Consumer Attention

Franchise branding involves constructing a narrative for consumers to buy into. And as anyone who’s studied literature, read a story, or watched film or television can tell you, a narrative without a conflict isn’t compelling. You’ll capture much more attention for your franchise brand if you point out the antagonist — in this case, your brand rival. While certain laws and social graces won’t allow for you to call out your franchise rival by name, you can still create clever campaigns to highlight your rivalry — and of course, show why your brand beats out the competition.

Breed Brand Loyalty With Brand Rivalry

Kansas City | Creating Franchise Brand Rivalry in Online MarketingWhen you pit your franchise brand against another, you upgrade your customers’ role — rather than nameless consumers, they become franchise fans who have fun declaring their allegiance and trash-talking the other brand. Just think of the Android vs. iPhone brand war. Users of each technology are quite vocal about where they stand, and their loyalty strengthens each brand, as Windows and Apple each have unwitting, unpaid brand ambassadors in their consumers. When you poke fun at your franchise rival on social media, for example, you give your franchise fans a chance to show their loyalty by sharing, liking, or commenting on your post, furthering its reach.

Create a Little (Controlled) Controversy

We’re taught to avoid controversy in online marketing, but in some regards, creating a stir can be a sound strategy. Let’s face it: consumers like it when brands get ballsy and a little snarky. Throwing a little fuel to a franchise rivalry will bring more attention to your brand, and even if some consumers are taken aback by your move, others will get excited about it. So take the opportunity to point out exactly what your franchise rival is doing wrong, and why you’d never do things that way — consumers will take note!

We’ll Be Your Brand’s Biggest Fans

When you work with Franchise Marketing Group, we’ll not only serve as your franchise’s online marketing team, but also some of your biggest fans. We can strategize ways to incorporate brand rivalry into your email marketing, social media, and content marketing campaigns, so that your brand will be what people are buzzing about on any given Sunday.

To get started on crafting your franchise brand rivalry, contact us or call (816) 875-9311 today!