Modern marketers are faced with a conundrum when creating campaigns that cater to modern day consumers.

On the one hand, as evidenced by the popularity of blink-and-they’re-gone consumables shared on Snapchat, customers are attracted to content that’s incredibly current and often fleeting.

This sort of by-the-moment approach may collect clicks — but if you forgo an overarching strategy spanning months that’s built to touch consumers throughout the stages of the buying process, you’ll soon find that pageviews don’t pay the bills.

We’re sharing some strategies for marketing in the InstaAge so that you’ll see more lasting results.

InstaMarketing With Lasting Impact

By-the-Minute Social Strategies

Part of the popularity of lightning-quick social sites like Twitter and Snapchat is that the content shared there feels can’t-miss because of its fleeting nature. If you don’t log on to Twitter for a day, your feed has moved on without you, and you’ve likely missed out on the latest social media sensation and trending hashtags, like #AlexFromTarget.

The process works both ways, though — if your franchise doesn’t log on and speak out regularly enough, especially to take advantage of relevant viral moments, consumers will tune out.

The takeaway? Your franchise needs a strong social media presence with overarching campaigns, but you also need the flexibility to organically capitalize on trending social topics to keep up with your audience.

Produce Quick ConsumablesOnline Marketing in the Insta Age - Put Your Franchise on the Map

BuzzFeed. Upworthy. Pulptastic. All these sites package widely-shared, quickly-consumed content that consistently appear on Facebook newsfeeds, Tweets, Tumblr reblogs, and more. In a world where 56% of content consumption occurs on mobile devices, the need for content that can be read fast is more apparent than ever.

Quickly-read content can still make a big impact, though. Focus on generating the sort of quick content that you see your target audience sharing — infographics, meme streams, videos — and share, share, share!

Make Sure You’re Mobile

This should go without saying, but if your franchise isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re alienating a large portion of your consumer base. Buyers want an easy way to browse your website and make a purchase; if your website isn’t responsive, they’ll navigate away. Searchers want to find the nearest place to grab a bite, and if you don’t show up on the map, it won’t be your restaurant franchise. Depending on the type of franchise you operate, you may even want to consider a mobile app. Just make sure to stake a claim in the mobile market.

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