Anyone who’s stayed home — even voluntarily — on a Friday night has experienced Fear of Missing Out.

Better known as FOMO, the phenomenon — a form of social anxiety in which you worry about missing out on social interaction, an exciting adventure, or a great opportunity — has only been exacerbated by the constant connectivity we’re afforded by mobile devices and wireless internet. People find themselves constantly checking social sites to see what others are up to and make sure they’re not out of the loop.

While FOMO is a burden for many people, in terms of franchise marketing, it can actually be a blessing. Here’s how.

FOMO: A Franchise Marketer’s Best Friend

Fill Your Social Sites, Email, or Blog With Can’t-Miss, Constant ContentFOMO: How Fear of Missing Out Can be a Franchise Marketing Opportunity

Taking advantage of consumers’ FOMO in franchise marketing involves establishing your brand as a can’t-miss contributor in the social sphere. To that end, you need to keep your social sites and content-sharing, including your blog and email marketing campaigns, current. If you aren’t seen as a daily must-read, followers will flock away from your franchise marketing efforts and find something to catch their interest elsewhere. Make sure that consumers know they’ll be missing out on killer content if they don’t keep tabs on your franchise!

Make Your Franchise Fans Feel Like VIPs

Another way to use FOMO in your franchise marketing strategy? Create a mobile or email customer appreciation club that truly makes customers feel like VIPs. Offer exclusive deals or freebies via your email list or mobile app. Invite users to share with friends or post on their social timelines so that other users can see them cashing in offers — letting the green-eyed monster do some marketing for you! With word of mouth and social shares, your email list and app users will spread the word about your franchise — and their friends with FOMO won’t want to be left out of the loop!

Provide Real-Time Content Encouraging Consumers to Join In

When it comes to FOMO and your franchise marketing, the goal is to confirm the consumer’s fear by showing they ARE missing out on the awesomeness your franchise has to offer. But you don’t want them to sit at home and moan about that fact — you want them to get out and GO to your franchise, the sooner, the better!

To accomplish this, you should be sure to use your social sites during key franchise promotions to encourage consumers to join in. For example, if your restaurant franchise is offering a Veteran’s Day special to service members, share some pictures on Instagram or retweet posts from vets who have taken advantage of the deal. Friends and other followers who haven’t come in might be inspired to after seeing your post. You can also invite participants to share their own content with a promotional hashtag, so their friends see the fun and head out to fight their FOMO!

Let FMG Help You Use FOMO to Your Advantage

Franchise Marketing Group hates feeling that pang of FOMO as individuals — but as marketers, we understand how it can be wielded as a marketing weapon!

Let us create a franchise marketing strategy that uses FOMO smartly across your email marketing, social media, blog, and other platforms.

To get started, call Franchise Marketing Group today at (816) 875-9311 — and hurry, before you miss out!