If you want to make your franchise location found fast, we recommend running a paid search campaign in addition to working on your organic ranking with on- and off-site SEO.

Since organic SEO takes a while to take hold, you can use a pay-per-click campaign to assert your location’s online presence fast, all the while building a strong, lasting foundation through on-page optimization, business listing optimization, social media, and more.

For your paid search campaign to pay off, though, you’ll need to make sure it’s built and managed effectively.

How to Make Your Franchise Location’s Paid Search Campaigns Most Effective

1. Create Location-Specific Landing PagesCreating an Effective Paid Search Campaign

If your franchise doesn’t already have a multisite set-up so that each location has its own website that benefits from the domain power of your franchise, then you need to be sure to establish location-specific landing pages for the paid search campaign. This way, you can track what customers discover your location from the pay-per-click ads, better helping you gauge the ad’s effectiveness and ROI. Furthermore, you can tailor the page content to make it very relevant to the content of the ad, which will boost your Quality Score.

2. Don’t Copy Another Location’s Campaign

As a franchise, you might think that following another location’s paid search campaign blueprint will be effective. Why wouldn’t one franchise location’s success translate in your region? But since searchers vary by geographical location, it’s never a good idea to copy another location’s campaign and hope for good results. A good paid search campaign includes its own keyword research to select the right keywords to target and exclude. This means the ad text will be different than other locations’ campaigns.

3. Analyze. Adjust.

Your paid search campaign isn’t over after it’s launched — for the most effective pay-per click campaign possible, you should be making daily adjustments to improve your performance and ROI. This requires you to analyze the data from your campaign every day. Never set up a paid search campaign for your franchise location and let it stagnate — you’ll spend more money and gain less leads. With analysis, you can make strategic adjustments that improve your PPC campaign.

Paid Search Campaigns Designed & Executed by Franchise Experts.

You’re busy running your franchise location — do you really have time to run an effective paid search campaign?

Work with the PPC experts at Franchise Marketing Group. We make educated budget and strategy decisions to minimize spending and maximize profits. What’s more, we aren’t content with one successful campaign — we’ll complete extensive research and run multiple campaigns simultaneously, conducting A/B testing, constantly analyzing, and continuously adjusting to create the best pay-per-click ads for your franchise location.

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