When your budget is tight, what should be your go-to online marketing tool?
Many franchise marketers might say social media, thinking these platforms are the places to find consumers these days.

They’re wrong, though. Now, it isn’t enough to have a strong social media presence. Studies have shown that social media channels like Twitter and Facebook rank far behind organic search and email marketing in terms of percent of customer acquisitions. While social media is great for customer engagement and building brand awareness, it can’t drive sales in the same way that email marketing does.

Though it has a reputation for being past its prime, email marketing really is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal — if you’re wielding it right, of course.

Here’s why we stand behind email marketing for franchises.

Why Email Marketing is Your Most Valuable Tool

Email Marketing Gives You a Rapt, Consensual Audience

Many aspects of your online marketing campaign can put your franchise in front of a consumer audience — but when consumers aren’t asking to receive this information in the first place, they might feel bombarded. With an email marketing opt-in, you let consumers choose to receive your messages — so you know that the audience you’re engaging with is actually interested in your franchise.

Furthermore, since 91% of consumers report checking their email at least once a day, and email is the #1 activity on smartphones, more consumers are consistently on email, even when they’re on the go. If you’re not even attempting to capture this audience, you’re missing out on a ton of potential conversions.

Email Marketing Pushes Customers to Convert

Since consumers choose whether they receive email marketing messages, they’re much more likely to convert, and they even spend more than a regular consumer converting from another channel, ranking 11% than average consumers.

Other studies have shown that email marketing has a staggering ROI — 4,300%, and that consumers who buy products or services featured in email marketing spend 138% more than consumers who don’t get emails.

Get Help With Email Marketing

It isn’t enough to jot off a monthly newsletter, though. If you really want to harness email marketing for your franchise, you need to do it the right way. This means creating quality content, properly segmenting and auditing your email lists, and optimizing your email marketing campaigns for mobile use — after all, 48% of consumers open emails on mobile devices and 69% of consumers will delete emails they can’t read on their mobile devices, yet just 11% of emails are optimized for mobile users.

Work with an expert in email marketing — Franchise Marketing Group — and watch your open rates soar and conversions accumulate. We know how to write powerful email subjects that beg to be opened. We can create campaigns that your prospects are eager to consume. We know how to target every email list, from past, present, and future customers, and understand the importance of tailoring each email to the specific audience.

To get started with an email marketing campaign that will deliver real results, contact Franchise Marketing Group today at (816) 875-9311.