At Franchise Marketing Group, we love and respect the power that words have to sway consumer decisions and establish your franchise’s authority. But as passionate as we are about the power of quality text content, we find ourselves awed and humbled by the amazing power that visual content has to attract attention, establish credibility, and convey easy-to-remember information. And visual content is only gaining steam.

Not convinced?

Read on and we’ll show you why visual content marketing is not only beneficial but essential to the success of your online marketing campaign.

Brain-Friendly Visual Content Marketing Tips

Visual Content Marketing Strategies

Visual Content that Entices on a Primal Level

Our ancestors have been reading for only a very tiny portion of human history. Since we came into existence as a species, most of the information we’ve gathered has been visual. And our brains have gotten very good at at processing information this way. We can process images 60,000 times faster than text. Half of the human brain is devoted to processing visual information. That’s why content marketers trying to get the attention of a brain in an information-saturated world needs visual content as a weapon to help cut through distractions.

Appealing to the Brain Through Emotion

Strong visual content has the added brain-enticing bonus of appealing to the emotions. For example, the brain loves to look at the human face. Facial expressions do not vary across cultures, making them a universal language that you can use to set the tone for your visual content marketing. If you want your clients to have a joyful interaction with your franchise, consider adding joyful faces to your online marketing efforts. If you want your clients to associate a serene feeling with your brand, you can enhance this effort by adding zen faces to your visual content.

Video marketing is especially good at appealing to emotion because when we watch other people having dramatic experiences, mirror neurons in the brain make us feel the same thing that they are feeling. Smart content marketers use this to their advantage by creating powerful video content designed to make the viewer feel strong emotion associated with the brand.

The Brain Seeks Out Pleasure

Because the brain is designed to keep us alive, it relentlessly seeks out pleasurable experiences because they enhance the chances of survival of our species. Researchers have discovered that visual stimulation is processed in the brain’s reward center. The pleasure seeking brain craves visual stimulation, and the more it gets, the more it wants. So the best content marketers do just that, providing colorful, crisp images and videos. The more visual stimulation the brain receives from an image, the more pleasure it experiences. Not only will your clients associate that happy sensation with your franchise, but they’ll also seek out more enjoyable interaction with your business.

 Get Help With Visual Content Marketing

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