We’re online marketing aficionados at Franchise Marketing Group, but that doesn’t mean we don’t recognize the value in good offline marketing, too. We know that franchise groups and locations might run offline campaigns simultaneously with their online efforts, and that offline marketing can reach different customers.

Still, we do advocate creating offline and online marketing campaigns that complement one another. We’ve found that doing so produces the best results for our franchise clients. Read on for more details on why and how to coordinate your offline and online marketing efforts.

Devising Coordinating Offline & Online Marketing Campaigns

Why Offline & Online Marketing Must Work Together

Ignoring one segment of your prospective customers (i.e. offline or online customers) will be detrimental to your franchise, but if your campaigns aren’t complimentary, they won’t be effective, either. If an offline prospect learns about your business but isn’t prompted to connect with your franchise further online, you might lose their interest. Likewise, if an online prospect is never spurred to attend an offline event or visit your franchise in person, you’re missing out, too.

Furthermore, offline and online marketing campaigns that aren’t coordinated can even confuse and alienate customers, particularly if the efforts aren’t coordinate and united under your franchise brand.

How to Create Complementary Offline & Online Marketing Campaigns

Consistent BrandingKansas City | Coordinating Online & Offline Marketing

When it comes to branding your franchise, consistency is key, whether in terms of visual or written content. Customers and prospects should be able to glance at your website, posters, business cards, and other online and print advertising and identify your franchise right away. You can unify your offline and online marketing in this way by using the same colors, graphics, photographs, slogans, and keywords across all marketing channels.

Use Your Website

When used correctly, your website can be your franchise’s greatest tool. Be sure that you’re using it the right way in your offline marketing! Every piece of offline advertising should contain your URL. This includes posters, business cards, brochures, and radio and television ads, but also letterheads, menus, invoices, and more.

Better yet, you should set up specific landing pages on your website to correlate to your offline marketing campaigns. This will ensure that your franchise is found when your customers are searching for more information on specific events or in-store promotions, plus give you more data to track the ROI of your offline efforts and allow you to diversify your keyword targeting. Linking to an effective landing page can usher your prospects along toward becoming franchise customers.

Promotion, Presentation, & Repackaging

You won’t drum up much attendance at an offline event or sale without doing some online marketing promotion. In addition to offline campaigns that get the word out there, it’s important to publicize your in-store events on social media, on your website, in email or mobile marketing campaigns, and more.

The online and offline coordination shouldn’t stop with promotions, either. During your offline events, tie in your online marketing by actively posting on social media, including sharing photos on Instagram and Facebook or videos on Vine. You might even consider setting up a live stream through your website. After the event, you can continue using your offline marketing events to generate online content: blog about the event, repackage video footage to create a YouTube video, and create photo albums on Facebook or Google+. Use your online marketing to remind prospects about your offline efforts.

Let Us Help Your Offine & Online Marketing Play Nice

Whether you have a vigorous offline marketing campaign and need help integrating online marketing efforts or you’re just dipping your toes into offline advertising after online marketing, Franchise Marketing Group can help your franchise best integrate the two worlds. We devise comprehensive online marketing strategies that work with your new or existing offline campaigns to produce the best results for your franchise location. We’ll work with you to ensure that offline events are properly promoted and profiled across all online marketing platforms.

To learn more about creating complementary offline and online marketing campaigns for your franchise, contact Franchise Marketing Group today at (971) 212-4026 or visit our office in Kansas City!