When most franchise owners look for ways to improve their SEO, they typically think of strategies including obtaining backlinks, including keywords and streamlining their site structure. One important factor that they forget to consider, however, is how the website hosting company they choose can affect their SEO. 

As avid online marketing strategists, Franchise Marketing Group is always on the hunt for any way, big or small, to get results for our franchise partners. And that’s why we want you to read on to get the details on how your website hosting company can impact your franchise business.

Is Your Website Hosting Company Hurting Your SEO?

Website Hosting Solutions For Franchises

While the website hosting company you choose may not play as large of a role as some other factors, choosing a good website hosting company is still very important to your company’s SEO efforts for three important reasons.

1. Your Website Host Helps Determine Your Page Load Speed

One of the over 200 factors that Google considers when ranking a website is the site’s loading speed. If your website hosting company causes your site to run slowly, then your site may suffer in the search engine rankings. Be sure to pick website hosting that can deliver the speed you need.

2. Your Website Host Determines Your Uptime and Downtime

If your unreliable website hosting company is causing your site to crash frequently, the frequent downtimes could also be causing your website to lose page rank. Choose a website host that is known for excellent service as well as excellent customer support. Then, if your site does go down, you can get it up and running again quickly.

3. Your Website Hosting May Set Your Site’s Country

When determining page rank, Google also takes location into account. In other words, searchers are most likely to see search results from their own country. If your website hosting is located in another country, Google may think that your company is located in that other country as well. This can cause your site to rank lower for your target audience in your own country.

While choosing the right website hosting may not make or break your SEO strategy, smart business owners know that every little advantage is important in helping them get ahead. 

We Can Make Sure Your Website Hosting Company Isn’t Costing Your Results

Franchise Marketing Group is comprised of an expert team that can help you determine if your website hosting company is doing the things you need it to do to help your franchise get results. When you partner with us, you’ll quickly realize that we are passionate about helping our franchise clients succeed. Let us show you what we can do for you and your website hosting.

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