As e-Junkies, the team at Franchise Marketing Group appreciates all aspects of online marketing. We’re passionate about SEO and SEM, even though some other “experts” might tout the value of one over the other. When it comes to generating the best results for our franchise clients, we’ve found that using the two in tandem is the most effective.

Why do we advocate focusing on paid search campaigns and strategies that boost organic search results? We have our good reasons, which you can read below.

Why Paid Search & SEO Must Go Hand-in-Hand

The Paid Search Bubble

Often times, we want instant gratification in online marketing — and when done effectively, pay-per-click advertising can provide quick results. However, if not properly nurtured and conducted with a complementary SEO campaign, the paid search marketing bubble can burst — and without a healthy organic search strategy to fall back on, your franchise will suffer.

No one wants to reach the top and then tumble. That’s why you should also invest in a sound SEO strategy that works alongside your paid search campaigns. That way, you’ll have impressive, but consistent results and realize long-term benefits.

PPC Campaigns Need Good Website Content – And They’ll Help You Create It, TooKansas City | Why Use Paid Search & SEO?

What good is it to send people to your website if the content isn’t accurate and compelling? For any paid search campaign to work, you need to link to existing pages that are relevant, or create optimized pages especially for the campaign. In either case, you’ll need strong SEO knowledge to create effective copy that will convert.

Paid search campaigns don’t just rely on good on-page content — they can also help you create it. When you run PPC ads and SEO campaigns, you’ll have mounds of data to examine. By analyzing your paid search results to see what keywords produce the most conversions and what copy produces the most click-throughs, you can adjust your on-page optimization strategies accordingly.

Building Authority Across Multiple Search Engines

When you pair paid and organic search, you’ll see your franchise soar past competitors in multiple search engines — if you do it right, of course. By prioritizing SEO on your website, you’ll build authority and brand recognition for your franchise, increasing your standing in search ranks and making it more likely that searchers will consistently seek out your website for information, since you’ll be viewed as an established expert. You can double your credibility and decrease the visibility of franchise competitors by appearing high in both organic search and paid search results on multiple search engines. If you’re known as a trusted authority on a certain industry, you also increase your chances that searchers will click on your paid ads and convert.

Don’t Segment Your Online Marketing. Work With Comprehensive Experts.

Clearly, SEO and paid search need to be conducted together. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to work with multiple online marketing agencies to conduct these separate, yet complementary aspects of your campaign. You need a comprehensive online marketing solution to spearhead both so that you can compare data and communicate necessary changes that effect both campaigns.

Franchise Marketing Group can serve as your one-stop shop for online marketing. We offer paid search marketing management and on-page optimization among our many services. Call (971) 212-4026 or contact us today to discuss how we can build your authority and get real results with paid search and SEO. You can also feel free to visit our office in Kansas City.