For your franchise’s online marketing to succeed, you need a strategy rooted in both creativity and practicality.

On one hand, you don’t want to squash innovative campaigns that don’t have guaranteed success, but have the potential for excellent engagement. On the other hand, you don’t want to waste resources — meaning both your team’s time and talent and your marketing budget — on a strategy that doesn’t yield great results.

While we’ve been known to geek out over analytics every week a time or two, we also don’t advocate “Marketing by the Numbers” — meaning we don’t think data should drive all of your online marketing decisions. There are certain intangible values that online marketing brings to the table, and by following the motto “If it can’t be measured, it shouldn’t be done,” your franchise might be missing out on these intangibles.

So, how do you know when to care about ROI, and when not to? Read more below!

ROI: When to Care

If you’ve set up your online marketing effectively, you should have systems in place — such as trackable phone numbers — that allow you to measure your ROI for each arm of your online marketing. If you don’t yet have tracking systems established, it’s important that you implement proper tracking methods before you set out to evaluate your online marketing efforts.

CARE: For Paid Search CampaignsKansas City | When to Care About ROI

It’s important to keep track of your paid search campaign ROI because numbers are truly integral to non-organic search engine marketing. You need data to know whether your paid search strategy is working or whether bids or targeted keywords need to be adjusted. It’s not a good idea to venture blindly into paid search, as it can quickly be adjusted as needed, but can be costly if left untouched when it’s ineffective. Use your analytics, conversion codes, and tracking numbers to gauge the success of your paid search strategy and make changes frequently to up the ROI.

CARE: Website Changes

Depending on the scope of work completed, changing your website can be costly — so it should make a proportional ROI. It’s important to know whether your investment is paying off, especially if you’re trying out smaller website changes to justify a larger website rollout. When done right, a new website can deliver an impressive ROI, as it reflects upon your brand and establishes authority, plus guides potential customers through the purchasing process to achieve your end goal of conversion. It’s arguable that your website is the most visible portion of your online marketing, so you shouldn’t just bank on its success without monitoring how your tweaks or entire overhauls are working.

CARE: Content Marketing

Without an eye toward ROI, your content marketing strategy can lack purpose and focus. You don’t want to waste time and money producing blog, website, or email marketing content that’s not yielding results. Paying attention to your content’s ROI can help determine what types of content are working and what types need tweaking, as well as what aspects of content are most effective (and thus deserving of more promotion). Just because some aspect of your content marketing isn’t producing a great ROI doesn’t mean it should be immediately abandoned, either — it just necessitates more attention and an adjusted strategy.

Online Marketing That Gets Results & Positive ROI

At Franchise Marketing Group, we know how to measure ROI and let it guide our online marketing strategy in the right way — without letting data quash creativity or be the end all be all. We’ll closely monitor results for your online marketing and make any needed changes to generate more effective campaigns.

To learn more about our online marketing services and how we use ROI in our strategy, call (971) 212-4026 or contact Franchise Marketing Group today! Also feel free to visit our office in Kansas City.