Our series on the online marketing process is coming to an end — and we’ve covered a lot of ground thus far! If you’re not caught up, be sure to read the preceding posts:

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Now we’re concluding the final section of the online marketing cycle: delighting your customers so that they turn into promoters!

While you can certainly engage your current customers on social media to push them toward promoting your product, we find that relying on social platforms alone is not enough. To truly succeed in the delight stage, you need to couple your social efforts with email marketing.

How do you create an email marketing strategy not designed to sell to prospects, but to effectively turn your customers into salespeople? Here are our strategies for appealing to current customers with email marketing.

Use Email Marketing to Turn Franchise Customers Into Promoters

Content Counts

In order to get your franchise customers to be your promoters, you need to keep them engaged in your email marketing campaign. Just as you don’t want customers to quit visiting your physical franchise or franchise website after making their purchase, you also don’t want them hitting the unsubscribe button after they’ve done business with you.Kansas City | Use Email Marketing With Customers

How do you prevent customers from jumping ship? It’s all about creating email marketing content that’s useful and interesting. If you provide content they want to read, they’ll be eager to keep reading it — and you can work your marketing magic on them.

Reward Loyalty

Sometimes, franchise customers stop feeling the love from marketing efforts once they’ve already made their purchases. Remember that your previous customers are a valuable resource for you — and you want to acknowledge this by rewarding them for their loyalty. This could be by providing exclusive subscriber-only coupons to your customer email lists or hosting special product or service giveaways for them. When your customers feel rewarded, they’ll be more likely to think fondly of your franchise and recommend you to others.

Make Them Feel In the Loop

Email marketing content geared toward current customers should also give them a peak behind-the-scenes. Preview your up-and-coming products, services, and specials so that they’re in the know. When consumers feel they have insider knowledge about your brand or specific location, they’ll feel special — and they might be compelled to share their inside scoop with friends!

Encourage Sharing

Email marketing content can’t be just for your customers’ eyes, though. You want to encourage them to share emails with friends and family members. Try including a coupon that they can only redeem if they bring in a new friend to try your franchise, or a product giveaway they can enter by sharing content on their social media pages. Make it easy for them to share your email marketing campaign by including a clear “Send to a friend!” button somewhere in the message.

Online Marketing: It Never Ends

This may be the last post in our online marketing cycle series, but that doesn’t mean you know all you need to know about creating your online presence. Online marketing is ever-evolving, both in terms of overall best practices that shift as new trends and behaviors emerge and in terms of your individual strategies, which must be adjusted in response to your specific audience. And once the cycle ends with your customers, they’ll hopefully funnel more prospective leads to your franchise, initiating the process again.

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