With the “Convert” stage of the online marketing cycle concluded in our last post about the online contact form, it’s time to move on to the “Close” stage that focuses on transforming leads into customers. Before we start, you might want to catch up on the other posts in the series:

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Now the focus is on online leads scoring, a system that can help you answer the question “Where do I start with my online leads?” As a franchise owner, marketer, or sales person, you’ve probably heard of online leads scoring, and hopefully implemented your own process for ranking and pursuing the online leads that seem the most promising — but are you sure that you’re properly conducting your online leads scoring?

Are You Using Online Leads Scoring Correctly?

Not all online leads are created equal, and you need a online leads scoring system that reflects this truth. Otherwise, you’re wasting your sales team’s time — and squandering the results your online marketing efforts have rendered!

To effectively use online leads scoring, you’ll need to develop a tailor made program for your franchise. Here’s how to start.

Consider the Types of Online Leads You Want to Prioritize

The first step to setting up a great online leads scoring system is considering what good online leads look like for your franchise. That means its time to sit down and pick the brains of your sales team. Looking back over your past online leads and using your team’s sales knowledge, you should be able to identify the common behaviors and actions that truly qualified online leads exhibit. From there, you’ll be able to create a unique points system to use in your online leads scoring.

Establish a Points System & ThresholdsKansas City | Why Your Franchise Needs to Use Online Leads Scoring

With the qualities of highly-desirable online leads in mind, it’s time to fully set out your franchise location’s ranking system. Typically, you assign a number of points to each trait or behavior, and the online leads with the higher points are prioritized, while those with lower points need further nurturing until they’re ready to make a commitment. Depending on your particular franchise location, you may value certain qualities that other locations don’t, and vice versa.

Here are some behaviors to consider for inclusion in your online leads scoring system:

  • Where did you get your online leads? Were they a referral or were the online leads self-referred?
  • What information did your online leads provide you, and where or how did they provide it? On an online contact form, in person at an event or at your franchise location, or via phone or email? Did they provide the bare minimum information needed, or go beyond that?
  • If the online leads contacted you, what was the content of their communications? Did they ask further questions about your franchise’s products or services? How interested did they seem in your franchise?
  • Are your online leads in a geographic area that fits your franchise location?
  • What pages on your website have the online leads visited, and how many pages? How long did they stay on your website? Did they download anything from your website or sign up for your email list? (Someone who visits 30 pages, including one on pricing, plus stays on your website for 20+ minutes is likely a very qualified-lead, while a 1 page visit under 5 minutes will need more nurturing). What ads did they click on to find your franchise? What social media platforms do they follow? How much and how often do they engage with your franchise location?

Be sure to not only assign a point value to each behavior, but also determine the thresholds for your online leads — including the overall point range that indicates when online leads are ready to become franchise customers, and the range which indicates they need more attention (i.e. more “converting” with online marketing efforts) before they can mature into more qualified online leads.

Train Your Team & Follow-Through

With your online leads scoring system established, it’s time to ensure that your sales team is fully-trained so that you can successfully implement the program. Depending on the size of your franchise location’s sales team, you might need to train a handful of salespeople on the system so that they can teach their counterparts. No matter how you do the training, be sure to complete it all within a set time period and check in to ensure that all salespeople are following your new system.

Remember, your online leads scoring needs to evolve with your franchise location. Once the system has been in place for a few months, you should get feedback from your sales team and make any necessary adjustments.

Unsure Where to Start With Your Online Leads?

Scoring online leads is a key part of closing the sale — and if your franchise isn’t doing it right, you’re letting customers slip through your fingers. When your franchise needs more hands-on guidance in dealing with online leads, Franchise Marketing Group is the solution. With an Account Strategists who are well-versed in your franchise needs, location demographics, customer and online leads behavior, and more, we will develop, implement, and monitor a strategy to garner, court, and close online leads.

It’s time to more effectively collect, evaluate, and pursue online leads — call Franchise Marketing Group today at (971) 212-4026 or visit our office in Kansas City.