With last week’s email marketing post concluding the process of changing leads to customers, you might suppose that the online marketing process ends there. This would be a mistake. Online marketing is not a linear movement — it is a cycle that begins with turning strangers to visitors to leads to customers to promoters who will start the cycle over for you.

When it comes to online marketing, you can’t ignore your franchise’s current customers — this might prevent them from repeating business, or worse yet, cause them to share negative feedback about their experience. Not engaging with a past customer is a missed opportunity for your franchise, as your current customer base is the perfect pool of potential franchise promoters.

How can you continue to delight your customers so that they become promoters? We recommend returning to one of the online marketing tactics used in the first attraction stage — social media.

Using Social Media to Make Your Customers Promoters

When it comes to using social media to turn your customers into franchise promoters, you can’t just employ the same strategies you used to attract visitors. If you have a different end goal in mind, you must vary your plan. This means that your social media feeds should be equally populated with content geared toward both potential and current customers. Here are the social media strategies we recommend when recruiting promoters:

Generate Shareable ContentKansas City | Use Social Media to Make Customers Promoters

When you’re aiming to get your current customers to be promoters, the idea is for them to spread the news about your amazing franchise. If social media is involved, this usually entails sharing the content you post across multiple platforms. The easiest way to turn customers into promoters, then, is to generate high-quality content that they want to spread, regardless of whether you ask them to “Like” or “Share.” If a customer enjoys or agrees with your post, they’ll be inclined to promote it, simple as that. Social media content should be timely, original, and bite-sized to translate best.

Invite Customers to Share Their Stories

Another easy way to make customers into franchise promoters is by asking them to share their testimonials about your location. Happy customers love to gush about their positive experiences, whether by commenting on a Facebook status update, submitting a testimonial to an online contact form, or even uploading a video review to your franchise YouTube channel. Of course, you may get a few negative responses when you invite customers to provide feedback on social media, but you can employ reputation management strategies to address their concerns.

Make Your Social Media Presence Truly Engaging

Nothing feels more impersonal than asking customers to share their story and then never acknowledging them on your social media platforms. As with all interactions on your social media accounts, you never want potential promoters to feel that the conversation is one-sided. You should regularly monitor your accounts, constantly engaging customers and leads who post there. As customers feel heard and involved, they’ll be more likely to repeat their business — and, better yet, to share their great experiences with others.

Continue Establishing Customer Impetus

Be sure to keep showing your current customers the love, too. Franchises sometimes offer special coupons and deals to social media followers, but with the caveat that they are only applicable to first-time customers. This can be off-putting to current customers who want a little appreciation for their loyalty. If you provide the impetus for returning to your franchise, your customers will probably be more open to promoting your franchise for you — they’ll have more positive experiences to talk about!

Social Media Strategy That Gains Promoters For Your Franchise

There’s a lot of strategy involved with conducting social media marketing for your franchise, especially when you take into account the different audiences you’re trying to reach. If your plate is already full as a franchise owner or marketer, Franchise Marketing Group can develop and implement a truly winning social media strategy! We understand the ins and outs of social media marketing for franchises, including how to target customers and turn them into promoters.

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