We’re approaching the end of our series on the online marketing cycle for franchises. To review, we’ve covered social media, blogging, and keyword strategy for attracting strangers and turning them into visitors, calls-to-action, landing pages, and contact forms for converting visitors to leads, and lead scoring for closing the deal. Today, we’re covering the last component of the “Close” section: using email marketing to turn leads into customers.

We’ve discussed general strategies for franchise email marketing before, but when the specific goal is to target prospective leads, you need to employ more tailored strategies. Here are our tips for using email marketing to close the deal with your franchise leads.

How to Use Email Marketing to Turn Leads Into Franchise Customers

Be Concise

Potential customers sign up for your email marketing lists because they want short updates about your franchise — not a novel. If your leads open an email to see something too lengthy to easily scroll through, they’re likely to quickly click away. Yes, you should include good content in your email marketing campaigns, but you also don’t want the content to be too wordy for easy mobile consumption, as many people open emails on their tablets or smart phones. Each block of content should have a few sentences, including a strong, clear call-to-action — and don’t forget to break up the text with some images, too.

Provide an ImpetusKansas City | Pursue Franchise Leads Using Email Marketing Campaigns

Your franchise’s email marketing campaign should include some motivation for your leads to become customers. Offering exclusive coupons, specials, or other limited time offers will reward your email subscribers for showing interest in your franchise and provide impetus for purchasing your goods or services.

Be Consistent

Leads also like it when a franchise is consistent in its email marketing. This means sending out emails on a regular schedule (say, every other Thursday) and including consistent content in the actual body of the email. For example, if you are a coffee bar that hosts weekly events like literary readings or open mic nights, be sure to include an “Events” section in all of your email marketing blasts — your leads will know where to get this information, and they’ll expect to see it in each email. In general, your leads should be able to guess when your emails will go out and what sort of content they will see — and if they know they like the content you consistently provide, they’ll be more likely to open your emails.

Track Results

Analysis and adjustment is key in all components of your online marketing campaign, but particularly when you’re directing your efforts at your ripest leads. If something about your email marketing campaign isn’t working, you need to know it so that you can make the right changes and garner the best response. Keep tabs on your open rates from email to email, and examine why increases or decreases are occurring. Track which links are garnering the best click-through. Perform some A/B testing with content to determine what choices work best. Your email marketing can’t be scheduled out and left to its own devices — if you really want to close the most leads, you’ll need to consistently, smartly reexamine your campaign at many junctures.

Expert Email Marketing Strategy For Your Franchise

Pursuing leads with an effective email marketing campaign can be time-consuming, especially for a busy franchise owner or marketer. Franchise Marketing Group has a team of email marketing experts who can develop and deploy a winning strategy for your franchise, whether you’re an individual location looking to close your leads or a corporate franchise aiming to snag more franchisees. From creating a tailored strategy and designing email marketing templates to writing compelling content and tracking results to suggest adjustments, we can handle your franchise email marketing efforts from start to finish.

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