Thus far in our exploration of the online marketing cycle for franchises, we’ve gone through attracting strangers to your franchise using social media, blogging, and website optimization. After covering the ever-important call-to-action in last week’s post, we’re exploring another component of the “Convert” stage: the landing page.

You may have heard the phrase landing page before, but do you really know what it means — and how a landing page can be a valuable tool for your corporate franchise or franchise location? Read on to get the full run-down on landing pages.

What is a Landing Page? And How Can It Convert Visitors to Leads?

A landing page is a page on your franchise website that’s not linked into the menu structure, meaning visitors can’t navigate to the page unless they click on a specific internal or external link that directs them to it.

To really understand the purpose of landing pages and why your franchise website needs them, you first have to understand the benefits to creating a landing page.

Benefits of a Landing Page

  • Kansas City | Need to Land Some Leads? Revisit Your Landing PageFresh content without cluttering the menu structure. Search engines and human searchers love to see updated, fresh content — and with a landing page, you’re able to provide that relevant, brand new information without altering your existing menu structure and adding visual clutter to your franchise website. Sometimes, it can be hard to find a place to put a new page on your website, especially if it doesn’t quite fit in the established menu. With a landing page, you don’t have this issue. Though visitors won’t be able to access the new landing page from the menu structure, it will still get “crawled” and you’ll get points for having fresh content, plus your website will still have a streamlined look.
  • You can measure results for your online marketing campaign’s individual components. If you’re running a paid search campaign for a specific franchise location, you can add a page for that exact location and the precise product or service they’re discounting, for example. Link to this landing page in your pay-per-click campaign and you can measure how well your ad is going. The same strategy works for any aspect of your online marketing efforts, from email marketing to social media marketing.
  • A/B testing. Landing pages are also great for A/B testing your website content, paid search ad text, and other online marketing components. You can measure how many clicks each page variant gets and adjust your strategy as needed.
  • Local SEO. A landing page can do wonders for your franchise’s local reach. You can target a very specific aspect of your services (say, middle school math tutoring) for equally specific locations. The demand for your franchise’s products or services varies by location, and your website should reflect this by including landing pages for local SEO.

How to Write the Best Landing Pages

To write the best landing pages, you’ll need:

  • A sound keyword strategy. Every landing page should have its own unique goal when it comes to converting visitors to leads. Since each goal will differ, the targeted keyword(s) should differ, too.
  • Links to other relevant pages. Converting visitors with a landing page won’t work if they get the information they need and then quickly navigate away from your franchise website. By including hyperlinks to relevant pages on your website, you’ll encourage visitors to stay a while, and lead them down a digital rabbit hole that could potentially end in them becoming a loyal franchise customer.
  • A clear call-to-action. You’re wasting an opportunity if you don’t include a great call-to-action on each landing page you write. Direct your visitors to take the steps you want them to by using graphics or text. Be sure that your CTA includes the necessary details about your franchise, such as your location name, phone number, and even your address and location hours when relevant.

Tap Into the Power of Landing Pages Today.

A little overwhelmed by the endless possibilities that landing pages present? The online marketing strategists and web content writers at Franchise Marketing Group have you covered. We can harness the power of the landing page for your franchise, creating a sound landing page strategy, writing the best landing pages, and using analytics from your landing pages to adjust our online marketing campaigns as needed.

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