As online franchise marketing experts, you’ll often hear us touting the importance of local SEO for specific franchise locations.

The truth is, the latest SEO standards require that your franchise location tailors its online marketing strategy to your particular region, and that your marketing campaign must differ from your corporate franchise while still adhering to brand guidelines.

One of the biggest components of local SEO is the client testimonial. Both search engines and people favor businesses that have an established presence with online customer reviews. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for franchise owners to get customer reviews — and since you can be penalized for improperly collecting customer reviews (like offering discounts or prizes for leaving reviews), it’s imperative that you know the best ways to gather testimonials.

Here are a few strategies your franchise can employ to get more high-quality customer reviews and boost your local SEO.

Strategies for Collecting Customer Reviews

Include Links to Leave Customer Reviews

Kansas City | How to Get Customer Reviews for Local SEOConsumers these days contend with a lot of distractions, so it’s key that your franchise location makes it as easy as possible for your loyal fans to leave customer reviews. One easy way to do this is to solicit reviews in all of your online marketing pieces.

For example, at the bottom of your monthly email marketing campaign to current customers, add a call-to-action requesting a Google Plus review and linking directly to the spot where customers can leave their feedback. Or, occasionally on social media, spotlight some glowing testimonials and then ask your followers to provide customer reviews, again giving a direct link. Do you have a franchise blog? At the end of your posts, remind readers where they can leave their own customer reviews.

In general, the easier you can make it for someone to write a testimonial, the more likely they will be to provide customer reviews.

Check-In With Your Customers & Request Reviews

Another way to get customer reviews is to schedule regular check-ins with your customers to see how they’re doing, how you can improve their experience with your franchise, and whether they would like to leave a review for you on Google Plus, Yelp, or another site for online customer reviews. You can do this in the form of a custom email marketing campaign or as in-person conversations with customers. People enjoy the personalized touch of these check-ins, and because they feel you sincerely care to get their feedback and maximize their customer experience, they’ll also be more inclined to leave you customer reviews.

Customer Touting Their Success? Ask Them to Share

Whenever your franchise location receives a compliment — whether on social media, through email, on the phone, or in person — your first response should be “Thank you so much! We’re glad you enjoy our franchise.” The second should be “Would you be willing to share your good experience with others by writing a review of our location?” The same goes for when a customer is bragging about their success with your product or services — first, offer them a congratulations and thank them for acknowledging how your franchise has helped, and then follow-up with requests for customer reviews.

When your customers give you compliments or share their success stories, they’re not only seeking your acknowledgement — they’re also offering up customer reviews on a silver platter! Be sure to capitalize on these moments.

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