Today we’re resuming our multi-part series on the ins and outs of online marketing for franchises. Be sure to review the first four parts — an overview of online marketing strategy for franchises, how to use social media to attract customers, why blogging is essential for every franchise location, and how keyword strategy and website optimization boost your online presence.

With the “Attract” stage fully covered, by now your strangers should be transitioned into visitors — and the new goal is to convert them into solid leads. Now we’re exploring how an effective call to action can help in this process.

Using Your Call to Action to Convert Visitors to Leads

What is a Call to Action?

A call to action (or CTA) is a graphic or written content created to compel the reader to take a desired action of some sort. The desired action could be as simple as clicking on a banner or hyperlink to visit a specified landing page (in which case the goal is to further engage the visitor with the landing page and change them into a lead), or it could be as ambitious as getting the visitor to make a purchase or sign a service contract. The call to action can be used in any stage of the online marketing cycle, but it’s of particular use in the “Convert” stage.Kansas City | Convert Visitors to Leads With Call-to-Action

Other desired actions used to convert the visitor might include:

So Where Do I Use the Call to Action?

When it comes to your franchise’s online marketing campaign, the call to action should be everywhere, and we mean everywhere. You should include a call to action on every page of your website — often multiple CTAs depending on the length and scope of your website content. In your social media posts, you should integrate a call to action that motivates your visitors in some way, even if it’s as simple as sharing your franchise’s post. In each email newsletter, there should be a call to action nudging readers to contact or visit your franchise location. Essentially, the call to action will be anywhere and everywhere that you’re building an online presence.

You might be wondering “Does this mean I can use the same call to action everywhere?” Though that idea might be tempting, it’s the easy way out, and you won’t see real results. In fact, having just one identical call to action on your website could qualify as duplicate content that would hinder your SEO efforts. Plus, the goals you hope to achieve on each of your online marketing platforms should differ, so it wouldn’t make sense to include the same call to action in each place.

How to Write an Effective Call to Action

So how do you write a good call to action? There are many components involved in crafting a CTA. Generally, every call to action must include:

  • A sound keyword strategy. Your call to action should incorporate your primary and any secondary keywords. Keyword inclusion is not only beneficial for SEO purposes, but will also ensure that your call to action feels organic and well-integrated into your content. After all, if you can’t naturally work your keyword(s) into the CTA, then it probably isn’t reflective of your actual content — and you’ll need to revisit it until the call to action flows well.
  • Specific details about your franchise location. No call to action is worth its salt if it doesn’t include the basic information about your franchise location, including the company name, phone number, and the city where you’re located (and even the specific neighborhood if there are multiple franchise locations in your town).
  • Hyperlinks. Even if your goal is more lofty (to close on a sale, for example), your visitors may need more information before they commit, especially if they haven’t yet been converted to real leads. By hyperlinking to your website content, you not only point one more relevant link to your website, but you (more importantly) provide them the necessary answers.
  • Only the necessary content. A rambling call to action can feel too ADD or read like a rehearsed sales pitch. If you stuff your CTA with too much content — especially when it’s irrelevant — your visitor could get confused about what action to take and might simply navigate away. It’s best to keep the call to action short but sweet by following our above guidelines.

Need Help Converting Leads? We’re Call to Action Pros

You might see the value in focusing on the call to action in your online marketing campaigns, but worry that you won’t have the time it takes to develop effective, custom CTAs for all of your platforms. That’s where Franchise Marketing Group comes in. We’re SEO and online marketing experts, which means we’re well-versed in creating the sort of call to action that works. When we handle your online marketing efforts, you can rest assured that we’ll produce engaging, tailored CTAs for your web pages, email marketing newsletters, social media posts, blog posts, and more.

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