Last month, we introduced the cycle in which you attract, convert, close, and delight your customers using online marketing strategies. Now we’re looking at each stage and strategy more in depth to help franchise owners better understand the value of online marketing for their business.

First up in the “Attract” stage of online marketing: social media.

Attracting Customers to a Franchise Using Social Media Strategy

As a franchise owner, you probably know what social media is, and perhaps you use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to promote your franchise already. But are you using them in a way that will generate the best results?

Social media strategy for franchises is more than just posting regularly to connect with past, current, and future customers. And it even differs when handling a corporate franchise account vs. a specific franchise location. Here’s how your franchise location’s social media strategy should function.

Your Franchise’s Social Media Strategy Should:

Adhere to Corporate Brand Standards

As a franchise owner or marketer, you know that your franchise’s corporate entity establishes guidelines for how you promote your location – and you should ensure that your social media strategy stays within these guidelines. Maintaining a good relationship with corporate is imperative for your franchise location. A good social media strategist will understand how to develop an effective social media strategy that meets corporate’s brand standards.

Leverage the Franchise Brand While Promoting Localized EngagementUsing Social Media Strategy to Attract Franchise Customers

A franchise’s overall brand can be an incredible asset to your location, but only if you know how to create a social media strategy that fully capitalizes on that brand. Unlike a small business, you won’t have to use social media strategy build a brand from the ground-up – some customers will come to you already familiar with what your franchise is all about. Yet you shouldn’t over-rely on your corporate brand, as it can only take you so far when it comes to reaching local customers. It’s key that your social media strategy pushes for localized engagement by sharing relevant community news, paying attention to local trends, and the like.

Promote Your Franchise Location’s Individual Uniqueness

Part of driving that localized engagement involves showcasing your location’s unique qualities. This means creating a social media strategy that includes glimpses of behind-the-scenes action, whether they are profiles on your franchise location’s workers, success stories or testimonials from your happy customers, or announcements about local events you’re attending or awards you received. Set your franchise location’s social media strategy apart by focusing on your uniqueness — followers will love seeing behind the franchise veneer.

Include Franchise-Wide & Location-Specific Campaigns

When you’re a part of a larger franchise, you have to take the franchise-wide campaigns into consideration when crafting your social media strategy. You want to fully take advantage of the franchise brand by participating in those larger campaigns, but again, you can’t rely on those to generate all of your results. You’ll also want to use location-specific campaigns in your social media strategy — remember, local is key.

Need Social Media Strategy for Your Franchise?

When you need help tackling your franchise’s social media strategy, call on Franchise Marketing Group. We can work with your overall franchise to develop brand standards and conduct franchise-wide social media campaigns. Plus, we’ll work with individual franchise owners to ensure adherence to brand standards, create and implement location-specific campaigns, and leverage the corporate brand while promoting localized engagement.

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